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Houston Seo Companies

Houston Seo Companies

Houston Seo companies such as Actual SEO Media keep up with changing algorithms. Optimizing web pages and ensuring that they can land on the top of search engine results requires knowledge and expertise. Alertness to algorithms is also essential. When the rules of web page ranking change, savvy Houston Seo companies make needed adjustments.


What is an Algorithm?

Much of what Houston Seo companies do is based on current algorithms. The set of parameters that determine which web pages rank at the top are the algorithms. As search engines have continued to make changes to these parameters, it has been with the goal of improving results. Yahoo!, Bing, Google, YouTube, and other search engines don’t cater to the competitors vying for top spots. Instead, their goal is to provide quality results. Google is the most popular search engine, and that’s a spot they all want. The work Houston Seo companies do is keep the purpose of the algorithms in mind as much as numerous changes that continue to occur.

Humble Beginnings

The keyword has been the powerful component that links a web page with search results, since search engines were available for use. This straightforward approach did not take into consideration that the phenomenal marketing opportunities provided by the worldwide web would create fierce competition. Countless companies, including many Houston Seo companies, no doubt, used keywords in ways other than intended in order to boost page rankings. Keyword stuffing is  the most used form of trickery. Web pages are overloaded with a particular set of keywords in order to trick search engines into giving them top positions. The problem is that keyword-stuffed pages have no value to the person making the search. Google and all other search engines have continuously worked to change algorithms so that deceptive practices fail and great results rise to the top of search results.

Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon

Expert Houston Seo companies such as Actual SEO Media are very familiar with Google’s major algorithm changes. Google Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon have been significant programs that changed online results. in 2011, Google Panda changed algorithms in a way that helped boost quality websites to the top. Other websites that may have been strong on keywords but weak on user experience were pushed down in the rankings.

Any Houston Seo companies that may have engaged in black-hat methods such as keyword stuffing well remember Google Penguin. Launched in 2012, this algorithm changed the dynamics surrounding the use of keywords for a web page to rank in search results. Devastating setbacks are experienced when websites are caught practicing keyword stuffing, and using other deceptive practices.  Removal from search results for a period of time can be experienced by businesses, including Houston SEO Companies.  This can cause devastating setbacks.  Some websites have been banned altogether from search results, due to using ill-advised online marketing strategies.

Google Pigeon, a 2014 release, introduced an entirely new set of algorithms involving local listings. Now, local listings are being penalized in local search results.  This is a great example of a common sense modification.


In 2013, the Google Hummingbird algorithms were released. All savvy Houston Seo companies have taken note of the opportunities that come along with this change. What Hummingbird has done is actually quite complex and multifaceted. Context of a search is now considered, rather than strict keyword matches. Long-tail keywords are given more significance now. For Houston Seo companies, this means changing the format of many articles, web pages, and blog posts to answer direct search questions.

For expert online marketing, contact the best of Houston Seo companies, Actual SEO Media.