Houston TX Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a way to increase the visibility of your company on platforms like Google, consider Actual SEO Media, a Houston TX Marketing Agency. Our team of SEO specialists, content writers, and website builders can help you design and implement a digital marketing plan.

The team at Actual SEO Media is passionate about helping your business grow. We focus on engaging our clients in a discussion about their business, and we base out digital marketing plan on those needs.

The results will have a long-lasting effect on your company’s growth and customer base. We use digital marketing tools like SEO, local SEO, PPC, and social media to create the most effective plan possible for your company.

Houston TX Marketing Agency

Actual SEO Media, Inc. will help you increase your standing on Google using tools like SEO and PPC.

Digital Marketing Tools


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique that SEO specialists use to increase your company’s standing and visibility on Google. This is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing, and it is a proven way to increase traffic to one’s website.

Every day Google analyzes the millions of search terms people use. Which words someone uses will depend on the product, service, or information they are trying to locate. When these descriptors are used repeatedly for searching out particular services or products, Google links them to those items.

For example, if someone is searching for gutter cleaning services, they might search ‘gutter cleaning services near me.’ A more specific search might include a location: ‘Houston TX gutter cleaning service.’ When these keywords and phrases are put to use for a search of this particular service, Google connects the two.

The best part of the whole Google algorithm is that you can use it to your advantage. If you hire an SEO marketing firm, they will do the work for you.

At Actual SEO Media, we have a team of SEO specialists who will research keywords linked to your type of business.  They will create a list of these keywords and phrases, which will be given to our content writers, who will create articles, blog pieces, and website content using these keywords.

Our website builders will then incorporate all of this content into your website. Additionally, they will help you design a website that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. All of these elements combine to form an incredibly useful digital marketing tool.

Local SEO

Local SEO differ slightly from regular SEO techniques. The primary difference is that local SEO focuses on advertising a company’s physical location through digital marketing. Nine times out of ten, people will use Google to search out a local business.

You can use Google location services to your advantage by optimizing the visibility of your business’s contact information, address, and hours of operations. This is an excellent outlet for small businesses to draw customers to their locations.

Additionally, in order to make your business location more visible, you can choose to place listings on websites that highlight local companies. A chamber of commerce or city visitor website is an excellent place to start.

Actual SEO Media has a team of expert SEO specialists who can optimize the visibility of your business locally through local SEO techniques. Call our office today for a free consultation!

Houston TX Marketing Agency

Houston TX Marketing Agency


PPC, or pay per click, advertising is another effective way to market your business digitally. When you choose to place a PPC ad on Google, you are taking an essential step toward increasing the amount of traffic to your website. While this method of marketing can be useful on its own, it does have limitations.

In addition, every time a customer clicks on your ad, you will pay a small fee. Typically it is in the range of $25. This may seem like a lot; however, it is a worthwhile investment. When you pair it with SEO and social media marketing, it will be even more useful.

Social Media

Social media platforms are the up and coming new method of marketing. Many business owners use Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote sales, giveaways, and trending information. Additionally,  other sites like Linkedin are excellent avenues for networking, creating partnerships, and engaging in discussions with other professionals.

When you choose to utilize social media to market your business, it is imperative that you maintain a consistent presence on those sites. To clarify, this means posting regularly and monitoring your account for customer questions and feedback.

For some business owners, the thought of keeping up with numerous social media accounts can seem quite daunting. For that reason, many will choose to hire professional social media marketers who can manage the accounts. Actual SEO Media has a team of exceptional social media marketers ready to go to work for you.

In addition, we offer online reputation services and social media account management. These might be excellent service options for your company because it takes some of the pressure off of you as a business owner. When you choose to work with Actual SEO Media, rest easy knowing your company’s internet reputation is in the hands of experts.

Houston TX Marketing Agency

Actual SEO Media. Here to help grow your online presence from day one.

Why Choose Actual SEO Media?

Actual SEO Media has several convenient locations in the Houston area, and we have been serving this community for several years. In that time, our dedication to the needs of our clients has earned us a reputation for quality service and results in our SEO campaigns.

Additionally, if you are looking to update your company’s website, or are seeking to optimize its searchability on Google, Actual SEO Media can help! For more information or to receive a free consultation, call us at (832) 834-0661. You can also click here to visit our services on our website.

Are you looking for a Houston TX Marketing Agency that is second to none? Give Actual SEO Media Inc. a call!

Houston Fun Facts:

  • The Heisman trophy is named after John Heisman, who was the first full-time coach and athletic director at Rice University.
  • The Ink Spots Museum features pictures, albums, and other mementos commemorating the career of Huey “Ink Spot” Long.
  • 1940 Air Terminal Museum is one of the few remaining examples of classic art deco architecture from the ’40s.
  • Houston is the only major U.S. city without zoning ordinances, which allows for more flexibility in land use planning.
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