Backlinks are an important part of increasing the credibility and reputation of your website. Think of backlinking as the digital way of websites making connections. Like with the social world, having quality connections means that you’re also reputable. Therefore, having other quality websites link back to yours means you’re also a quality website in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

How Backlinks & Collaborations Can Affect Your Website

Backlinks can positively and negatively affect your website. Make sure you make only great connections.

Backlinks: The Good & The Bad

Also called names like “inbound links,” “incoming links,” or “one-way links,” backlinks are ones that connect two different websites together. Websites with higher amounts of backlinks are seen as credible sites by Google and other search engines, so they often rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERP).

You can think of backlinks as “likes,” like on social media. The more “likes” your website gets from other websites, the more Google and other search engines will approve of you. It’s like those quality websites are saying that you’re also a quality website, and users and search engines can trust what you say.

There are five key factors that make up a great “like.” First, you want your backlinks to come from a reputable, trusted source. Look, would you rather hear praise from your college professor or some guy on the internet that thinks he knows about the topic? Exactly – and the search engines agree.

Second, the other website should include one of your target keywords as part of its anchor text. The anchor text is the visible part of the link. To make it obvious where the link is leading, the anchor text should allude to the page the link is about to send you to.

Third, you should hope that the website or page that’s linking to yours is topically related to your site. It’s not going to look very credible if a dog grooming site links to a restaurant, after all. Fourth, you want the link that’s going to you to be a “Dofollow” link. If it’s tagged as “nofollow,” Google and other search engines will ignore it.

How Backlinks & Collaborations Can Affect Your Website

Get your website some connections by creating quality content that’s linkable.

Lastly, getting the same website to recognize you five billion times is like hitting the sand with a baseball bat in search of unearthed treasure. It’s simply going to get you nowhere. It’s better to get backlinks from multiple websites rather than getting multiple from one.

Bad Quality Back Links Means A Bad Quality Time

As an experienced SEO company, Actual SEO Media, Inc. can help you build up your website so that it’s linkable to other websites. Of course, we can also help you pinpoint where “bad quality” links are coming from. Like how you can obtain credibility from other great websites, you can get infamy from lower quality or spam-filled websites. Our SEO experts can help you avoid that situation by helping you build backlinks the right way.

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