Not all SEO companies are trustworthy. Certain SEO practices are banned according to the rules and guidelines set by search engines. Keyword stuffing is one such banned technique. Be sure to steer clear of any SEO company that claims to engage in keyword stuffing or another banned SEO practice.

First, it is important to define what exactly is meant by the word “keyword.” Keywords are the words and phrases typed into the search bars of search engines to find products and services. A lot of the time, people search for the same things when looking for certain items.

keyword stuffing

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The most commonly used search term keywords are the most useful for SEO purposes. That is because when a lot of people search for a certain keyword, they will be exposed to the same or similar search results. The goal of SEO services is to get exposure to as many users as possible.

When SEO companies create content based on certain keywords, those web pages will rank highly in search results when people search for that keyword. This is an ethical SEO practice that requires hard work and research. Some unscrupulous SEO companies try to take the easy way out to avoid this work.

Why Keyword Stuffing Has a Negative Effect

Keyword stuffing is a practice that takes advantage of the method of using keywords. Bad SEO companies will use as many keywords as they can in their website content. This is done in an attempt to trick the Google algorithm into thinking that the content is relevant to all of those keywords.

If search engines think your content is relevant to all of those keywords, it will include the web page in the search results of all those keywords. The problem is that those keywords aren’t relevant to the content, and that content is usually very badly written or stolen from other websites.

Since this practice violates search engine guidelines, the content will be punished and penalized. The punishment will take the form of an extremely low search engine search result ranking. Search engines are very well equipped to recognize this practice, so websites that engage in it will inevitably see negative effects.

An easy to spot example of keyword stuffing is a long list of random phone numbers. Keyword stuffing can also look like a block of text comprised of many cities and states unrelated to the content on the webpage. The repetition of phrases (usually keywords) in an unnatural way is another sure sign of keyword stuffing.

keyword stuffing

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