Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Search engine optimisation agency Actual SEO Media recognizes keywords with misspellings. Through our research, we discovered that users frequently type the word “optimisation” instead of optimization.

Texas Search Engine Optimisation Agency

It’s such a common typo that we’re trying to attract these users to our website. We have been successful in placing our clients at the top of search engine results. As a leading search engine optimisation agency, we are confident we can do the same for your business, too.

Black Hat-White Hat SEO

There’s nothing wrong with “search engine optimisation agencybeing used as a valuable keyword. There actually are methods of search engine optimization (SEO) that are considered “black hat methods.” This means that they are strategies for trying to beat the system. Instead of creating organic SEO, disreputable companies use tactics that are disallowed. Although they can quickly boost a website to high search engine results pages, they end up getting the website penalized.

You definitely want to avoid a penalty from search engines. When this happens, your website will be banned from search results. Then how will your target customers find you on their desktops and mobile devices? More than 85% of all consumers access businesses using their cell phones and tablets, according to recent research. It’s crucial that when you seek a search engine optimisation agency, you find a company like Actual SEO Media. We only use white hat methods.

Common But Costly Mistakes

Finding customers using a slightly misspelled keyword is a strategy we use for our clients as well as for ourselves. It’s a smart technique because it’s a way of rewarding customers with the results they want. We’re saying, “We know what you mean. We’re the search engine optimisation agency you’re looking for.”

The search bots on search engines are getting more creative about matching up searches with results that may not be exactly the same keyword. However, that doesn’t mean a typo will get satisfactory results. That’s why we’re excited about our discovery that many people type “search engine optimisation agency” but few besides ourselves allow for misspellings.

Keyword Ratio

Keywords are frequently used in black hat strategies, though not as much as in the past. When search engines were new, keyword stuffing became a regular practice. Many companies hired a search engine optimisation agency because there was a guarantee of speedy top results. Unfortunately, the quick success was obtained by abusing keywords.

“Keyword stuffing” is when the content on a page or in Meta tags is overloaded with keywords. A strong signal is sent, that the page is all about whatever the keyword is. Many times, the pages are barely readable. Often, the pages aren’t even truly about the keyword. Keyword stuffing is an underhanded strategy that tricks search bots but only temporarily.

There has been a quick progression of improvements that determine which pages to give high ranking in search results. Along the way, keyword stuffing began to be sniffed out and websites penalized. You may still run across a search engine optimisation agency that engages in this black hat practice. But you can be sure they will get caught much more quickly than in the early days of the Internet. It’s not worth it to use shoddy SEO strategies.

The best keyword ratio is only up to 2% or 3% maximum.  Any higher than 3% sends red flags that could ultimately lead to a penalty.

Creative SEO Solutions

At Actual SEO Media, we’ve gained experience and devised aggressive SEO strategies. We only use white hat methods. Our creativity has been giving us faster and faster results, putting our clients on page one of search results in short order.

Contact us at Actual SEO Media today. We are the best search engine optimisation agency.