It is important to hire an ethical SEO company. You also want the SEO company you choose to be able to provide you with optimal results. With a little help, you can learn exactly what to ask any SEO company you are considering hiring. Actual SEO Media, Inc. is a reputable local SEO agency.

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Actual SEO Media, Inc. is an amazing SEO company.

A List of Past and Current Clients

SEO companies should be transparent about their methods and clients with you. A reputable company should not have a problem sharing a list of its clients. You can also ask for those clients’ contact information. This will allow you to use them as references and ask questions about the work ethic and practices of the SEO company.

You can talk to the former clients about the SEO agency and discuss the campaigns that were performed for them. These conversations would allow you to easily discern if the SEO company had a positive or negative impact on its clients.

SEO Strategies

The SEO consultant you are in touch with should be open and honest about the SEO strategies they use. You should know exactly how they plan to raise your ranking in search engine search results. They should also be able to provide you with an estimate of how long it will be until you see results.

You should ask the SEO company for a technical review of your website. This will help you and the company collaborate on a precise action plan to improve the SEO of your business and website. It will also help the company identify problems you may be experiencing.

On and off page optimization should be expected of an SEO company. On page optimization can look like changing your website’s URL. This can make it easier to find with search engines. An SEO company can improve the internal linking structure, as well as optimize web page titles, meta tags, and headings.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

The SEO company you decide to hire should absolutely adhere to Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Those guidelines are comprised of acceptable SEO practices. A company that doesn’t adhere to those rules is unethical and not to be trusted.

seo company

Choose a trusted company for your SEO services.

There are many unethical SEO practices that should be avoided. Examples of those techniques include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, hidden text, paying for links, and more. Using Google means that your SEO company absolutely must abide by Google’s rules. Otherwise, you will be penalized by the search engine.

Changes Made to Your Website

Make sure to ask the SEO company you want to hire what they will do to change your website. The SEO agency will likely want to change the code that already exists on your website. Content on your website will likely be changed to an extent. It is important you make sure you are okay with any and all changes they want to make.

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