There are several tools available to monitor website traffic, but the best is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows users to analyze their top keywords, largest traffic sources, most popular pages, and visitor locations. Google will also allow you to set goals to reach in certain time frames.

Furthermore, Google Analytics integrates with numerous other Google services like apps. There is no other monitoring system that is as easy to pick up as Google Analytics. You can set up an account quickly and obtain the knowledge you need to run it in minutes.

This is the platform Actual SEO Media uses because of its great amount of flexibility. Plus, Google is the largest search engine in the world, so it only makes sense to use it. Actual SEO Media offers all sorts of SEO services to varying-sized businesses. Google Analytics allows us to track those visiting your site to maximize your SEO efforts.

Our internet marketing efforts will undoubtedly pay off through organic SEO. We will keep track of the bounce rate and website traffic to ensure you are getting the results you are needing. Bounce rates are when a viewer clicks on your site to view and the rate at which they click off your website or onto another page. If your bounce rate is high, then we will work to get it lower in several ways.

Reducing Bounce Rate

What's the best tool to monitor traffic in my website?

Leave it to the experts.

There are a number of ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website. First off, we need to determine what precisely the viewers may not be enjoying. Is it the layout of the site? Is the website mobile-friendly? Does the content feature relevant information for the viewer? These are all important questions to ask when tackling this issue.

Bounce rates can be reduced by increasing your search engine optimization (SEO). We frequently discover that websites are poorly designed, and that is a big reason the bounce rate is so high. Google recommends that websites are mobile-friendly because people are always on their phones. It gives websites more versatility. If your site is not mobile-friendly and a viewer is on your phone, then you will certainly lose them quickly. Navigating on the phone is different, and an unfriendly site will make it worse.

Furthermore, the website needs to look aesthetically pleasing. A web page should not be a block of text or hundreds of images. There should be a nice balance of everything: text, images, videos, links. A website visitor wants to be able to read the text that is presented on your website. Page views will increase when your site has a great look. Web traffic will also increase as Google sees your site as being optimized correctly.

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Our SEO company can handle every aspect of SEO.

Web Development

Actual SEO Media has a full team of web developers who can create an excellent website for you. Site visitors will be impressed by your website, and your bounce rate will decrease. Our developers use WordPress, which is what one-third of websites on the internet are made from. That is an impressive reputation, and it is why Actual SEO Media uses it. Other SEO agencies may use different platforms that may not give them as many options.

Actual SEO Media wants to have the best customer service available, so having WordPress helps us do that. We know there are a lot of SEO agencies in the Houston area. We don’t want you to drown in decisions, but Actual SEO Media is truly the best option. Our team of developers will create a great website for your site and its visitors.

WordPress allows our web developers to create an exceptional mobile-friendly site alongside the main site, so there is no extended length of time they need. Our web developers also work closely with our content writers to create keyword-rich content. This content will increase your search result ranking over time. It will slowly generate more and more views, which is called organic SEO.

What's the best tool to monitor traffic in my website?

Actual SEO Media, Inc. is one of the best marketing companies.

Organic SEO is also known as white hat SEO, and it is exactly what our company focuses on. Some other agencies raise red flags, promising the number one spot on search results and thousands of links. These tactics can hurt your website over time, so it is best to spend your money on the best SEO possible.

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