YouTube Ranking Houston Social Media Services will increase your ranking by targeting your keyword and providing 1000 views and likes coming in a natural way and not from any bot. Only getting YouTube views is not enough to rank your video high. All you need to do is send us your targeted keyword, your URL, and the current rank of the video for that keyword (if possible). Results may vary according to the competition for that keyword. Call us now for your new YouTube Ranking!

The point of our Youtube Ranking service is to get your video to the top of their search results. You can make an easy comparison of ranking videos and the other SEO services we do to push your company to the front.

Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine, behind only Google itself. It is no coincidence that the two are connected. Because of this, it is smart for a company to have a YouTube presence or at least a channel. With this, your potential customers could find you through your video content when they otherwise may have never seen your website. YouTube Ranking

The largest YouTubers, with over a million subscribers, understand how to use the YouTube algorithm to their advantage. It is how they will get their large subscriber count and so much view duration on their videos.

Our promise is to get you many YouTube subscribers, get your channel popular videos and video views, and have your company come up in Youtube search results. We want you to have that huge viewer retention as well.

What Do We Do?

First, you have to know what it takes to make a YouTube video optimized. The Youtube algorithm has the job of picking up. It suggests videos to viewers based on what it thinks they want to see. So, they use the data on your video to analyze and determine whether that is the case.

What is the data that your video comes with? It has the video title, description, watch time, and tags to look at. Many of these you are directly responsible for inputting. The idea is to craft a title, video description, and hashtags that not only catch your viewer’s eye but also make it clear to YouTube what category of videos yours belongs in.

As professional SEO analysts, our job is to understand YouTube analytics like the back of our hands. We start out with YouTube keyword research. This is a bit more complicated than when we do keyword research for your company website. Google gives us a more transparent window into its algorithm. We can have direct tools for finding out which words or more likely to be searched by potential customers.

When looking for keywords for your company’s channel, we will be taking advantage of a variety of tools. These include something called YouTube Suggest. Our SEO specialists will come up with a large set of keywords that we see people searching for when in need of your company’s type of service. From there, we try it out in the YouTube search bar. And YouTube will tell us how viable that keyword is.

Additionally, we will utilize Google Trends. Not only are they part of the same company, but Google Trends is just an excellent tool to compare topics relative to each other.

More on YouTube Ranking

YouTube and Google trends and ranks are a complicated mess. For example, they are geographically targeted. And they never stay in one place. Their position on the site is constantly in flux—everything down to the duration of your video factors into what the algorithm will do with it.

Houston TX google adsBut, according to YouTube, it is worth figuring it out. They claim that over seventy percent of the time spent on their site is done watching videos found through the algorithm. This means two things. First, taking advantage of the algorithm is an excellent way to get your company in front of the eyes it would not otherwise be in front of. And secondly, the algorithm is very good at figuring out what people want to watch. Therefore, it should be very good at figuring out which people want to find your business.

The goal is not to make you a viral sensation but to give your content steady growth and continual views from the day it is published. We want your company to keep getting eyes, so the video needs to stay in people’s minds and their feeds.

Our Content Optimizing Team

Your Actual SEO team consists of a wide variety of roles. Our team members include programmers, web developers and designers, IT, office management, SEO specialists, and content writers.

It is the job of SEO specialists to understand what it takes to push your company to the top of YouTube’s search engine. We have the tools at our disposal to make sure that it gets done and you beat out the competition. It is their job to keep your business trending. They inform your website and your content creation on what would be the best topics to cover.

Meanwhile, your web design and development team will be maintaining your website and social media’s image and layout. This includes your YouTube channel. With backgrounds in graphic design and programming, they know how to make your site look appealing and professional at the same time.

Your content writers are the ones in charge of filling up your website with content. They also write thousand-word keyword articles, purchased in bundles ranging anywhere from 20 to 500, to drive traffic to your site. Your blogs, too, are done by them. Blogs are the content that hits your social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Now, though, they are going to be in charge of your YouTube Ranking outreach as your “content creators.” By covering what people are reading, watching, or whatever they can relate to current events in your business, they attract eyes to your product.

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Youtube as Social Media

YouTube doubles as social media and a way to get people involved from outside sources. Many millennials use it every day, signing on to listen to bloggers. And other times, people get onto YouTube after searching “how to” do something on Google. This means that you can get either continued engagement from a loyal viewership or garner more customers by adding extra help online.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube gives you a tool so you understand how well your content is doing. It lets you know how many views each of your videos and your entire channel is getting. YouTube analytics will also chart your channel’s progress over time. Using this, you can check how well we are doing. You have a way to assess how much our services are worth to you, just like Google My Business. At the same time, we will be using  YouTube Analytics to guide our process.

You should familiarize yourself with the YouTube Analytics dashboard. This way, you are more capable of quantifying how successful your videos are. Analytics offers you a lot of options. For example, you can export the data you want to analyze as a CSV file. The three primary metrics that YouTube will crunch for you is Watch Time, Interactions (Likes and Comments), and Revenue Reports (AdSense).

Reviewing watch time can tell you the demographics of who viewed your video. This can be incredibly helpful to your business. Figuring out what groups of people your video already appealed to tells you what groups to market to more aggressively in the future.

Watch-time analytics will also tell you about audience retention. This represents how long someone stays on your video. You can know whether people are starting your video only to click off or if they are watching it all the way through.logo transparent e1572455978438

You can read the data YouTube Analytics gives you on interactions as to how invested your viewers are with your content. If people like and comment on the video after they finish watching, then you were successful in engaging them. Plus, their comments and likes make the video shoot up in the YouTube search results.

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We only hire experts in this field. This ensures that your website will receive the largest amount of hits. We first guarantee that your website and web presence consist of quality content. From there, we build on top of that by making it SEO-friendly. This way, we do not sacrifice the validity of your company’s content and services just to optimize its reach for the search engine. We make both a priority.

You can reach our office by calling (832) 834-0661 or email us at to get started. From there, we want to make an appointment with you in our office. We have taken all the precautions necessary to create a safe environment here at Actual SEO. You can feel secure with our social distancing and hydroxyl ionizing generator. Only by meeting you can we sufficiently explain to you how our marketing strategy works. And we know you want to have a say in how your website ends up looking. So, to speak with an SEO expert soon, make an appointment at our convenient location on Dairy Ashford.

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