Actual SEO Media, Inc. is an automotive digital marketing agency Houston, TX that can help you take your dealership to the next level. We offer auto dealership SEO services, such as local services, and pay-per-click advertising that will help you stand out.

automotive digital marketing agency Houston, TX

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By increasing the visibility of your auto dealership online, we can direct potential customers and clients to your website. This will in turn bring in more revenue for you in the long run. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

One of the main points of SEO services is to increase your ranking in search engine search results. The search engine people use, like Bing, Yahoo, and Google, have rules and guidelines that everyone must follow in order to succeed.

A professional automotive digital marketing agency like Actual SEO Media, Inc. will have a lot of experience and expertise in this area and in the industry overall. If the search engine SEO rules are followed, there is an increased chance that your dealership website will land on the first page of search results.

If your website shows up on page two or even three of search engine search results, there is a high chance that it won’t be seen by anyone. It has been shown by the results of various studies that most people don’t see beyond the first page of search engine search result pages.

A higher ranking on a search engine increases the chances that a local customer will see the website for your dealership whenever they search for products and services related to your auto dealership.

Preparation to Advertise for Your Automotive Dealership

The basic process of performing SEO services is to find keywords using keyword research. In the first place, keywords are the words and phrases that internet users type into the search bars of search engines.

Keywords are specifically used to find products and services. SEO services involve using state of the art software to find the most commonly used keywords that are related to car dealerships and automotive services.

The next step is to create interesting and compelling written content using those keywords that will populate the back end of your dealership’s website. The more content that is posted about keywords, the higher ranked your auto dealership website will be.

automotive digital marketing agency Houston, TX

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This increased visibility will broaden the general awareness people online, and those in your local community have of your dealership. Even if they don’t click the link to your website, just seeing your business name in the list of results will make them more familiar with your business.

SEO services like this help create organic engagement and web traffic for your business. Organic growth online is the online kind of online fame and notoriety that will last in the long run. It also will grow over time because real people start spreading what they know about you.

Black Hat SEO Tactics

Part of the reason you should trust Actual SEO Media, Inc. to perform your SEO services is that we only use white hat SEO practices. White hat SEO techniques are ethical and strictly follow the rules and recommendations set by search engines.

The opposite of white hat SEO methods is black hat SEO methods. These are unethical and sometimes illegal tactics that untrustworthy SEO companies use. They are scam tactics that provide results that last all too briefly.

A few examples of common black hat SEO tactics that you should watch out for include link farms, cloaking, keyword stuffing, and duplicated content. If a company you are thinking about hiring does these things or hides the methods they use, stay far away from them.

Link Farms

Link farms have the possibility to be a single website or made up of a collection of websites. These websites are used for the sole purpose of building links. That isn’t allowed because it represents a form of lying.

The written content on link farms doesn’t matter for the purpose of building links, so it is extremely low effort. The content is often poorly written, written by AI, or stolen from other websites. All of that is unethical in this context.

Another way link farms are used is to create backlinks that aren’t allowed with white hat SEO practices. Links are hidden throughout the text of link farm web pages. These links lead back to the website the creator of the link farm has intentions of advertising.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a way that bad SEO companies take advantage of the system of using keywords. Similar to link farms, they will shove as many keywords as they can into the text of their web pages.

The keywords in this instance are unrelated to the website, business, and content they are attached to. Their only point is to appear relevant to as many searches as possible. Keywords are usually poorly integrated into the content in this situation.

automotive digital marketing agency Houston, TX

Contact a great automotive digital marketing agency Houston, TX today!

Examples of keyword stuffing include putting a long list of phone numbers on the web page. It can also look like a block of text made up of a bunch of mysteriously sourced cities and corresponding states. Avoid businesses that use keyword stuffing.

Actual SEO Media, Inc.

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