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Work your way up with our Backlink Service

Our backlink service is an important part of your total SEO strategy. One of the many ways that Google and other search engines rank your website is by searching how many sites link back to yours. The more sites link to yours, generally speaking, the better. Here at Actual SEO Media, we help you face the daunting task of building your backlinks with confidence, and handle the whole process for you.

Building Content to Encourage Backlinks

By far the best method for getting people to link to your website is to have great, original content. We hope you are seeing a theme among our different articles about SEO: content is king. You want to fill your website with the type of articles that readers will want to share on social media. Or, that other experts in your field will link to from their websites. But building great content takes time and expertise that many business owners just don’t have.

Who has time to research and write amazing web-ready content that your readers will find useful? Easy. Our team of trained writers do exactly that every day.  SEO experts will determine what keywords your articles should be based around, and then our writers will research the content and write exactly what you need. These articles will be filled with backlinks to your site, and can be submitted to appropriate websites for publication.


Your Content

Certain types of content are especially helpful. People love tutorials that provide information for how they can accomplish something themselves. Interesting, intriguing, and informative, tutorials have all the charm that makes people want to share with their friends, making this kind of content perfect for social media. Real-life examples and stories about how people have saved money, done good in the world, or touched a life are also fantastic for organic attention.

Once this content is created, it can be useful – and rewarding to your site – for years to come as more people find and link to it. Sometimes your articles will be up-to-the-minute and thus, out of date quickly. This may be largely dependent on your field. When possible, content should be relevant for a long time, perhaps even timeless. This allows the articles to go the distance, garnering more and more attention over time.

Not all links are created equal

Earlier we said that, generally, the more links, the better.  There are types of links that get you busted rather than help you out. The best backlinks are from sites that are relevant to yours. In the past, Google and other search engines paid little attention to what kind of sites linked to yours. People used to (and sometimes still do) spam completely unrelated sites just to get their link out there as many times as possible. Changes to Google’s algorithm have made this strategy a quick way to land on the search engine’s naughty list. In order to climb in the ranks instead of drop to the bottom, it is much more important to have quality, relevant sites connecting with yours.

Another form of links that don’t count are links from within the site itself. If you think about all the separate pages you have on your own website and how often they need to reference themselves, this makes sense. Creating a page that links to all your other pages or writing an article that references several other articles on your own site are two ways that linking back to your site doesn’t affect your ranking. These internal links don’t show the search engines that you are relevant, or have a good reputation. They only show that you know how to create a hyperlink within your own website. So how do you get other websites to connect with yours?

backlinks service

Our Services Here To Help You

This is where having Actual SEO Media helping out with its backlink service is really important. We will submit and distribute the content created to relevant sites for publication. This can be as a guest post on an authoritative blog in your field, or to an article directory where multiple articles are available for people to find as references. Submitting articles to social media platforms is another strategy.

We can also automate a blog on your website. Keeping a blog going can be tricky business. It isn’t helping you if the blog on your website is just sitting there, only publishing new content once in a blue moon, or worse, not at all. On the other hand, having too much content published too close together can actually be a bad thing, according to the search engines. (Geez, can’t they make anything easy?) By creating the content and then strategically scheduling it to be published over time, you will generate more positive attention. Our writers and special automated tools can handle the content, and we can take care of the scheduling, too.

Actively Seeking attention

In order to convince quality sites to reference your own, your web presence has to be active. You can’t create a website and expect it to do all the work for you. It can’t sit there and never change; it has to be dynamic. This includes what we’ve already talked about: regularly creating new content for your website, your blog, and your social media presence. It also means reaching out in other ways.

Did you know that regularly reading and commenting on your industry’s top blogs is a fantastic way to garner attention for your own website? Of course, you can’t just say something like, “Great article. Read my take on the subject at” The comments need to be thoughtful and relevant, something the blogger and other readers will take notice of and think about. As with most things in life, the more time and energy you put into your web presence, the greater dividends it pays back to you. If you want to learn more about what services we offer in this way, give Actual SEO Media a call.

As mentioned above, actively engaging with experts in your industry and building trust is important. If you find yourself frequently reading from an online publication, consider whether an article from your field would be well-received. Offering your expertise as a guest blogger at a site you already love is a great way to get attention. Discussion forums are another location where engaging – and unobtrusively promoting yourself – can go a long way. When you have time, get yourself onto the web and start getting involved. When you don’t have time, trust us to help you make it all happen.

Going Beyond Content

While content and active engagement are the primary and best ways to build your online reputation, there are other ways to get attention, including a high-quality backlink service. We at Actual SEO Media use Angela Backlinks to help link to your page via multiple different avenues. It is all a bit technical, but basically, it looks for high-ranking websites, and works to put a link to your site there. It also looks for multiple different instances of important keyword links that point to your page and consolidates them into the quality connections that the search engines like to see.

This is an automated service that will do all the work for you. It is a great, affordable way for a new business to help its webpage climb up in the rankings. Building up the network of websites connected with yours can be a long process, but using a professional service to automate the process can be a quick way to get the ball rolling.

Are You Ready for This?

Before any of this can help your site, your site must be ready. Is it clean? Is it functional? Do all the links work? When your site and your business are ready for the traffic that optimization can bring, make sure you give us a call at Actual SEO Media, at (281) 962-7777. We will use every strategy available in our arsenal to make sure you are the most optimized site in the Houston area, and we don’t take on your competitors as clients.

We’ve got writers at the ready to create original content that is relevant, researched and engaging. This essential step to making your site noticed by other websites – and by the search engines – is one of the most vital processes we offer. We can’t stress enough how much it means to have quality articles available on your website. It is worth your time and advertising budget to have us write them for you. Then we go above and beyond by submitting those articles to other locations around the web. We are here to get you noticed.

Of course, there are ways to gain traffic that go beyond content, and we’ve talked about these. Automated blogs, web directory listings, article directory listings are all ways to increase your web presence on other sites. We’ve got you covered; at Actual SEO Media, we use all these different methods in our backlink services, and we’re ready to help you today.