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Actual SEO Media is the Best SEO Company Sugar Land TX, Katy TX, and surrounding areas have access to. Our SEO professionals will help you take advantage of the most valuable access tool in the work today: the search engine.

Nowadays, a vast majority of people search the internet for everything they ever want to no. Of course, this includes places to buy products from, services to schedule, and appointments to make. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing connect thousands of thousands of customers to a special selection of businesses. These consumers very rarely look past the first page of the search results for the information they need. They trust Google to provide the best solution to their problems somewhere on the first page. And if you’re that solution, you deserve to be right there at the top. More customers will start calling and visiting your place of business, all thanks to this online exposure.

The reason you need the best SEO company in Sugar Land is that the reality is that the competition to place on the first page of search engine results is fierce. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy that makes it happen. Better yet, SEO done right by the best in the business (Actual SEO Media, cough cough) can practically guarantee success in your internet marketing efforts. Give us a call to learn more about our services, or keep reading below.

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Algorithms and the SEO Professional

Search engine algorithms are the numerous factors that together determine what lands at the top of search engine results. The goal of Google and other search engines is not to cater to the companies trying to place their websites at the top of results. Instead, they are being true to their purpose when results are of greatest benefit to users. Search engines seek to provide the best answers. Only SEO professionals have the expertise to take algorithms into account to maximum effect.


Online searches haven’t been around that long. Yahoo! was founded in 1994, and Google was launched in 1997. From the beginning, the basic system had a huge loophole built right in. True SEO professionals have resisted the temptation to use trickery, however. Keywords have always been used to provide search results, and they have been a weak link.

A user types in a keyword or question and search engines have historically matched online documents with those keywords. Keyword stuffing is a black hat method that originally found success for a while. This involved simply tricking the search bots by using keywords excessively. Today, this type of SEO tactic is penalized by Google. If your website is full of stuffed keywords, your site will drop significantly in the rankings. Besides, those methods don’t bring in high-quality leads, anyways. If a person visits a website full of meaningless keywords and phrases, and still decides to call that company, that tells you a few things about everyone involved. Actual SEO Media delivers high-quality, legitimize search engine optimization. This brings you legitimate results and high-quality clients.

Keywords are still used in other deceptive manners, even though SEO experts know what this can cost your business. The thing is, they don’t care. These are the types of companies that lock you into a contract, keep their methods a secret, lock you out of your own website and accounts, and then delete all the evidence when you finally want to terminate the agreement. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with any of those headaches when you work with Actual SEO Media. We don’t do contracts; you pay on a month-to-month basis. Also, you can learn more about our methods and how your website is doing each month during a free consultation. And you’ll always have the password to your online accounts. Before we’ve even gotten into the details of our methods, we’re sure you can already see why we’re one of the best SEO companies in the area.

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Reasons We’re The Best

Besides our trustworthiness and transparency, there are many things that make Actual SEO Media the best online marketing firm in the area. However, it can take quite some time to explain all the benefits of our local, in-house team. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet:

  • As a small business, we understand the need to keep a tight, flexible budget. Our plans can be paid on a month-to-month basis, and you can make plan adjustments as needed. Furthermore, we have services and pricing that can fit any budget.
  • We have SEO professional for every aspect of online marketing your company needs. This includes content marketing, SEO research, consultants, online support, and IT/web design. Read more about our team here.
  • Our in-house team provides fast service and direct support. To read more about the benefits of an in-house team, click here.
  • As a full-service SEO firm, you don’t have to coordinate different contractors or companies in order to fully optimize your website. We have everything you need right here at Actual SEO Media.

There are also a few things that makes Actual SEO Media unique to our competitors. For example, we don’t take on your competitors as clients! When you hire us, we’re on your team and want to see you make it to the top. Your local competitors will have to find their SEO services elsewhere and hope for the best. Also, the owners of our firm regularly meet with clients on a monthly basis. We’re a small business that takes a personal approach to what feels like an impersonal marketing tactic. That’s what’s made us successful and how we plan to help your business as well.

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Our digital marketing strategies combine on-page and off-page SEO tactics.

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You don’t have to cheat in order to beat the search engine algorithms. However, the amount of knowledge, research, and time involved with achieving top ranking demands a professional SEO time. Otherwise, you may fall victim to the temptations of quick success that comes with black hat methods. Or you might neglect an important factor, such as backend content or website speed. Actual SEO Media has everything covered! Call us today at (713) 737-5529 to schedule your first consultation of many!