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Seo Professional

Seo Professional

Seo professional needed? The reality is that the competition to place on the first page of search engine results is fierce. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy that makes it happen. The amount of knowledge, research, and time involved with achieving top ranking practically demands an seo professional. Part of the reason it’s not a job for amateurs is that search engine programmers frequently change the algorithms. An example of a change that significantly altered the search engine landscape is Google Hummingbird. The same basic system is used by other search engines, as well, and it makes searches more interactive.

Algorithms and the SEO Professional

Algorithms are the numerous factors that together determine what lands at the top of search engine results. The goal of Google and other search engines is not to cater to the companies trying to place their websites at the top of results. Instead, they are being true to their purpose when results are of greatest benefit to users. Search engines seek to provide the best answers. Only seo professionals have the expertise to take algorithms into account to maximum effect.

Keywords and the Beginning of SEO

Online searches haven’t been around that long. Yahoo! was founded in 1994, and Google was launched in 1997. From the beginning, the basic system had a huge loophole built right in. True seo professionals have resisted the temptation to use trickery, however. Keywords have always been used to provide search results, and they have been a weak link. A user types in a keyword or question and search engines have historically matched online documents with those keywords. Keyword stuffing is a black hat method that originally found success for a while. This involved simply tricking the search bots by using keywords excessively. Keywords have also been used in other deceptive manners, as well.

There has been a remarkable evolution in the short time since the Internet went live. Search bots on the various search engines have been figuring out ways to catch “cheaters’ and penalize their websites. Only disreputable companies, not seo professionals, approach optimization from a standpoint of gaining quick results with scamming methods.

SEO Goes Interactive

Seo professionals are aware that things changed considerably when Google Hummingbird was launched. This was a turning point in which keywords began to be used more intelligently. A keyword search now brings responses based on keywords as well judgment of the intent of the search. Another word for this is a “semantic search.” Instead of providing results based merely on the keyword, the search results are also reflective of other search queries. The attributes of those other search queries include that they are done at about the same time and were successful. Another way to put it is that the entire context of the search is now taken into account.

At Actual SEO Media, we have seo professionals who know how to make the most of these algorithm changes. We build websites with strong organic SEO, which involves quality content using appropriate keywords. We also incorporate semantic search words on our clients’ sites.

So Many Factors in an Algorithm

Above-mentioned feature is just one example of many. Among the most significant changes in algorithms was Google Panda. It was launched back in 2011, and it lowered rankings of sites that failed to offer real quality to users. A year later, Google Penguin began targeting websites that were using black-hat SEO. Obviously, this didn’t affect seo professionals. Google Pigeon was released in 2014, and it moved up local listings in search engine rankings.

There is so much to ranking well on search engines. The more you know, the more you can’t help but realize that seo professionals truly are needed.