Seattle Seo Expert

Seattle Seo Expert

Seattle seo experts at Actual SEO Media can increase your online traffic using proven strategies. Many companies claim to have the answers for search engine optimization (SEO). We do more by providing results. Expertise and the best tools combined with untiring diligence make us the best Seattle seo experts for your business.

There are numerous components that work together to improve a website’s position on search engine results pages. Web design, mobile compatibility, and local SEO are three crucial factors that move a page up in ranking results.

Web Design

Online searches are used by more than 90% of consumers in the U.S. You need Seattle seo experts to make sure online customers flow in your direction. There are technicalities that contribute to winning web design but most of the important elements are common sense approaches. The experience of users on your website determines the amount of online traffic there will be. There are many ways to lose potential online customers, including the following:

  • There are too many steps to get to the answers.
  • Too many clicks.
  • Excessive scrolling.
  • Reading the website seems a heavy task, instead of being quick and helpful.
  • The answers are tough to find on your website; contact Actual SEO Media, Seattle seo experts.
  • Information is scarce.
  • Navigation is difficult.
  • The text size is too small or too large.
  • The amount of helpful information is sparse.
  • The website is busy yet not helpful.

There is very little time to ensure that site visitors are finding what they want to know. Based on extensive research regarding online consumer habits, a website has a minute or less to impress site visitors. If they are not happy with the website, they surf for more pleasing results. It requires the help of Seattle seo experts to have the benefit of the best web design. One of the many upsides of effective web design is that websites are considered shareable. About 18% of the time, users will share a website they find to be highly usable and/or helpful.

Mobile Compatibility

There is no way to over stress the importance of mobile compatibility. Seattle seo experts at Actual SEO Media waste no time in ensuring that their clients have a mobile-friendly website. People conducting searches on search engines use hand-held devices the majority of the time. A desktop website does not automatically convert to being ideal for use on a small screen. A responsive website recognizes the type of device being used and provides that optimized version on the screen. Users expect different experiences, depending on what device they use to access the Internet. If they don’t have an optimal viewing experience, they move on to another site.

Seattle Seo Expert Mobile


The reality is that users are less likely to find your website if it is not mobile friendly. Google and other search engines demote sites that are not highly usable for people using tablets, cell phones, and other small screen devices. The goal of search engines is to provide optimal results. If your website is not mobile friendly, contact our Seattle seo experts without delay.

Local SEO

Another crucial element of a website is that it has been optimized for local markets. Google Pigeon is an algorithm update that gave local websites higher priority in search results. The opportunity to have consumers instantly find you, in your area is huge. It requires Seattle seo experts to take care of all the details involved with local SEO. Every missed step or wrong step represents numerous missed opportunities. We use the most effective strategies for placing our clients ahead of the local competition.

If you are ready to increase your business through online marketing, contact the Seattle seo experts at Actual SEO Media. Call us at ( 713) 737-5529

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