SEO for DUI Attorneys

SEO for DUI Attorneys is typically challenging because, in many cities, the competition is fierce. There are often many lawyers and law firms trying to place at the top of search results related to DUI. For other traffic violations, many drivers opt to handle matter themselves. This is true even though penalties associated with traffic convictions can be extremely costly. When it comes to facing charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal representation is essential. Expert SEO for DUI Attorneys is the best way to land at the top of search engine results. The experts at Actual SEO Media have proven success in this specific realm.

Local SEO

More than 85% of consumers go to search engines to find local services. Any lawyer with the benefit of experts handling local SEO for DUI Attorneys improves his or her chances of getting found in search results. There are many strategies that can be used to optimize a site. At Actual SEO Media, we cover the basics and stay updated on changing algorithms. Taking all actions to establish a business as local to a certain region is as essential as it is foundational. Website Design Online users are discerning, and they can tell when a website has a completely outdated design. Sometimes the first step in achieving SEO for DUI Attorneys is to improve the business website. Users expect to have a pleasant visual experience. Consumers also want to quickly find the answers they are looking for and encounter intuitive navigation.

SEO for DUI attorneys

Our SEO company can handle every aspect of SEO.

Mobile Compatibility

The number of mobile users accessing search engines has exceeded the number of desktop users. For effective SEO for DUI Attorneys, the web experience on mobile devices must be user-friendly. Websites don’t automatically convert in a beneficial way from a large desktop screen to a small screen. Consumer expectations are different, depending on the screen size they are looking at when they access a website. Mobile readiness is a huge factor in SEO for DUI attorneys. Google, the world’s leading search engine, has algorithms that reward a website for ensuring a good mobile experience. According to research by the search engine giant, at least 40% of users give business to a competitor after having a poor user experience on tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

Local Landing Pages

Local SEO for DUI Attorneys is best achieved when it includes local landing pages. Actual SEO Media has been using this SEO strategy to good success and it has been growing in importance. Every location and each service area should have its own landing page. The content should cater to website visitors from the localized region each page is about. As experts in the industry, we know how to place these pages so that they can easily be detected by search engines. The more specific to an area that a local page can be, the better it is for SEO for DUI Attorneys. There are numerous approaches to providing a unique experience for clients in different areas of service. Features such as positive reviews from local clients and information about community events tend to cultivate trust among users.


There is one component of optimization that outweighs all others when it comes to seo for DUI attorneys and it is: content. If everything else is in place but the content is lacking, it is unlikely a website can ever achieve high ranking on search engine results pages. Top quality content is the essence of what search engines ultimately want to reward with top ranking. Content needs to be ongoing as well as unique, original, engaging, informative, and/or compelling. We strive to go beyond simply increasing your online traffic. At Actual SEO Media, our goal is for you to gain new clients. For the best seo for DUI attorneys, contact us at Actual SEO Media today.