Buy Website Traffic

Buy Website Traffic to Increase your Customer Base

Did you know that you can buy website traffic, using your dollars to effectively bring people to your website? Here at Actual SEO Media, we can go beyond using keywords and other content tactics to help you use your marketing budget to its fullest potential.


Getting people to come to your website organically because of amazing content is probably still the best way to attract quality customers. But climbing to the top of the search engine ranks in this way can take time. If you are ready to bust through that ceiling, consider paid advertising.

Much like you can buy advertising in a newspaper or a radio station, you can buy traffic for your website by purchasing advertisements on various search engines, or investing in domains. Actual SEO Media can help you determine which search engines, which domains, and what strategies to use to set up your marketing campaigns.

Where can I buy ads?

Most people know about and use the big three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! All three engines have options for purchasing ads to help drive your site to the top of the search list. You’ve probably seen them yourself when searching. Most are marked “Ad” and the beginning of their listing. So where do you start? And how do you use your money wisely to buy traffic?

Our Team Is Here To Assist You And Your Business 

We’re here to help. Since most ad campaigns require you to bid on keywords, knowing which keywords to use, and where to spend your money is crucial. Google, with the highest percentage of users world-wide, naturally has fierce competition in the bidding of keywords.

This drives the cost of advertising higher than with other markets. The benefit of these higher costs is the biggest audience available from all the engines. Bing and Yahoo!, being less widely-used, have less competition and are therefore more affordable, but obviously with a smaller audience. Even so, they may be the perfect place for a business to start out with online advertising. Testing the waters with a smaller market allows you to analyze multiple strategies with less money.

There are even smaller, and lesser-known search engines out there that serve niche markets or certain areas in the world. Some of these might be perfect for your website. Almost all the search engine ads employ a pay-per-click method of billing.

We Help Direct Your Traffic

Actual SEO Media can help you strategize and manage your campaigns to increase your website traffic. We also know of many different internet marketing sites, and can help you consider which specialized networks make the most sense for you. We help you analyze your market: who are the demographics and the people who want your product? Where else and for what else would they be searching? We also consult with you to determine the number of visitors you want. Are you looking to increase your page views by 10 percent, 25 percent, or even more?

What do you mean by “invest in domains?”

Think about this: thousands upon thousands of different web addresses exist. Your domain is your online identity; it is how people find you, and it is how people remember you. Consider our domain, It is short, it contains our name, and it tells people about what we do. Chances are, when you started your website, you thought long and hard about what name you selected. Then, when your website was built, you purchased that domain to make sure no one else could use it.

Every day, people buy domains, and every day, people allow their licenses on those domains to expire. Perhaps their business never got off the ground. Maybe they bought up five different domains before settling on the one they wanted. Maybe someone bought the domain “” and started their SEO company, but went out of business a few years later. We can now redirect that domain and its audience it to our website in a seamless fashion. Anyone who was used to searching for will now come to our website. Perhaps other similar domains with similar topics are available. We can utilize those as well.

Work Smarter

Redirecting domains is an inexpensive way to drive up visits to your website. Even so, we don’t want you buying up or redirecting domains willy-nilly. We use specialized tools to search the internet for recently expired domains and in order to add them to our network of domains. In particular, we research whether these sites had a steady stream of visitors in the past, usually the result of the previous owners marketing efforts. When you work with us, we find some that are similar to your own, or that have a similar topic that people would search for.

Visitors redirected from these domains would be looking for products or services like yours. When you purchase this service from us, you are automatically buying website traffic because people are already used to searching for that name. Given the similarities in products, services, and keywords, it is likely the people who visit from these expired domains will be actively searching for what you offer. This is what quality clicks are all about. We can help you pick the options that optimize your budget, and make the whole process seamless for your customers. Remember traffic doesn’t only increase sales, it also increase Online Brand Reputation.

What are some other strategies?

When the time comes to purchase traffic for your website, sometimes it pays to try things other than the basics. These include increasing your ranking with Alexa, and buying advertising on other various internet marketing sites.

We can help you get noticed by Alexa (Amazon’s digital personal assistant) – which in turn helps you get noticed by Google. When we work with you, we make sure to include the Alexa toolbar, which helps you gain a better ranking. This sort of website traffic tends to be very high quality because it is what people are already searching for through the digital assistant.


Plenty of other internet marketing sites exist. Facebook ads, when done right, can be very effective, but people don’t like seeing “just another advertisement” on their newsfeed. This is where offering quality content becomes key in getting people to click on your ad. It is also important to narrow down the people who see your ad to your most likely audience. If your audience is only local people, likely female, between the ages of 30 and 50 who like crafting, then your ad should be set up so only those people see the ad. Then when they see it, the ad has to offer enough interest and information to get people to click on it instead of scroll right past.

Like with Facebook ads, paying for advertising on affiliate sites can also be effective. If you are a hardware company, for example, you might place an ad on a popular blog where woodworkers, construction companies, and other industry professionals go to read up on the latest techniques. Again, with proper analysis of your market, these types of ads can drive the right people to your site. Like with Facebook, however, the quality of your marketing will be determined by the quality of your ad and the analysis of the market you are trying to reach.

Why choose us?

The thing about internet marketing is you don’t want your website to lose rank in the search listings for doing something “wrong.” Here at Actual SEO Media, we know what strategies will get you in trouble with the search engines. We work hard to make sure your ads are 100% Google Adsense Safe. Making your ads safe means that, not only will Google not get annoyed by them, neither will your customers. We don’t want pop-ups, auto-playing audio, and other strategies that get audience attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

While internet and search engine ads tend to be pretty simple to set up, having an expert help you determine where to start can be vital. We’ll help you figure out which market to start with, and how far your budget can go. And sometimes it is just nice to have someone to do the day-to-day management of your bidding and campaigns for you. We can monitor your campaigns and determine which are most effective.

We Go Above And Beyond

And we don’t just stop at the ads. As mentioned above, audience generated through organic marketing, social media, and great content are still the most important. Your website itself has to be high quality and feature the most appropriate content to keep those new visitors there. Continually scouring the web for great content and adapting or linking to it for your own benefit is daunting for anyone. We can help every step of the way. We can be the ones creating that content, curating it, and then helping you select the right advertising efforts to get it seen by the right people. If you’re going to buy website traffic, trust Actual SEO Media to use your money wisely to get the high-quality clicks you need, and help you build the website you deserve.