Cypress TX SEO Company

Cypress TX SEO Company
28 August 25, 2020

Texas SEO

Texas SEO

Stop searching for Cypress, TX SEO company, and let Actual SEO Media enhance your online presence. Our company uses research-backed techniques to drive organic traffic, improve brand visibility, and overall increase cash flow. Additionally, Actual SEO Media provides detailed reports to keep the client informed of the progress made. When your company chooses Actual SEO Media, we ensure a great work ethic, true dedication, and intense commitment to excellence. We aim for excellence in every campaign we take on and look forward to helping you and your company.

The Concept of Search Engine Optimization

The origin of SEO can be traced back to the mid-1990s. Search engine optimization revolves around Google today. However, SEO is known as the world’s most popular search engine co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

In reality, it could be argued that SEO and anything in the realm of search engine marketing engine began with the launch of the first website published in 1991. Many may believe that the first web search engine introduced SEO in 1997.

Being placed high on search engines in 1997 was still pretty new. This was never directory-driven. Before DMOZ powered the original Google classification, LookSmart was fueled by Zeal, and was its directory. Yahoo directory was the main player in Yahoo Search.

Not familiar with DMOZ? It was the Mozilla Open Directory Project, Mozilla was a company, and MOZ was a company before SEOMoz. This was a Yellow Pages for websites. Yahoo initially created this concept; they wanted users to be able to have access to the best sites that were approved by editors.

Other SEO Terms

Before the name Search Engine Optimization became official, there were several other terms used as well. Some were as follows:

  • Search Engine Placement
  • Search Engine Positioning
  • Website Marketing
  • Search Engine Registration
  • SEO Submission
  • Search Engine Ranking

Another term used at the time (2001) was search engine marketing, which was used as a substitute for search engine optimization.

Search Engines and Their Impact

Search engines are one of the most useful ways we find information to conduct research, shop for products and services, entertain ourselves, and find out everyday information.

Typically behind every online destination, whether it is a website, blog, social network, or app, there is a search engine. Search engines help spotlight your search to get to through the “web” of information.

The Birth of SEO

In the 90s, there was a myriad of search engines for users to choose from. From Yahoo to Lycos to

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Cypress TX SEO Company

Excite and Infoseek, users, had many choices when it came to finding different information. At first, the only way to perform any SEO was through on-page activities. This involved ensuring content was good and relevant, the right amount of text, your HTML tags were accurate, and that you had internal and external links, among other factors.

If you wanted to rank well in this era, the key was to repeat your keywords enough times throughout your web pages and meta tags. If you tried to outrank a page that uses a keyword 100 times, then you would use the keyword 200 times. Today this called practice scamming.

The Rise of Google

In 2000, Yahoo made the worst business move when it partnered with Google and let Google fuel their organic results instead of Inktomi. Before the occurred, Google was a very small search engine platform. Following this business deal, every search result said: “powered by Google.” They ended up introducing their largest competitors to the world and Google shortly after became a limited company.

Before Google, search engines would rank sites based on the on-page content, domain names, ability to get listed in suggested directories, and basic site structure. Google changed the game when they introduced a web crawler and PageRank algorithm for information retrieval. Google focused on the on-page, and off-page factors, the quantity, and the quality of external links were to point to a particular website.

Links became the major component of the overall ranking algorithm, SEO specialists considered links to be the most crucial aspect, following an entire sub-industry of link building began. Over the next decade, it became significantly competitive to acquire as many links as possible in hopes of ranking higher, and links were a con tactic that Google would have to address in years to come.

It was also in 2000 that Google Toolbar became accessible to browsers such as Internet Explorer, allowing SEO practitioners to see their PageRank score, which was recorded on a scale of 0-10. This created an era of unsolicited link exchange request emails.

Monetizing SEO Content (AdSense)

In 2003, after google acquired, the company launched Adsense, which is meant to target Google AdWords ads on publisher sites. With Adsense and, this leads to a surge in monetized simple Internet publishing and a blogging revolution.

Although Google always meant well, they created issues that they would have to fix down the line. AdSense created a haven for spammy tactics, and Made for Adsense sites were filled will inadequate, meaningless, or stolen information that only existed to rank well and get clicks, which leads to an increase in money.

Perfecting the SEO Tool

In 2004, Google and other standard search engines began improving results for queries that a geographic purpose. By 2006 Google introduced the Maps Plus Box, which showed users the location of the particular place they are searching for.

During the same year, Google and many other search engines began utilizing the end-user data, such as search history and interests, to tailor search results to the user. This meant that the results you saw could be different from others searching for the same query.

SEO Today

Today this tool is one of the best marketing strategies online. The concept has been changed and

SugarLand Texas SEO Agency

You can rely on Actual SEO Media for all of your seo service needs. There’s a reason why we’re the number one SEO company.

perfected so many times to be more user-friendly. SEO is improving and progressing every day.

Many businesses find themselves needing this tool because it is so beneficial. If you have the right SEO specialist on your side like Actual SEO Media there’s nothing to worry about. SEO will most likely increase organic traffic, will be more cost-effective, sales can increase, and much more.

Cypress TX SEO Company

Call Actual SEO Media today at (832)-834-0661 to set up a consultation and give your business the online presence that it needs. Stop searching Cypress TX SEO Company and put your trust in our team.

Cypress TX Fun Facts

  1. Cypress is #50 in the list of the 100 highest-income areas in the U.S.
  2. The town is named after the 49-mile-long Cypress Creek.
  3. Various Atakapan Indian tribes once inhabited the area, but they quickly died out when white settlers moved into the city.
  4. For more fun facts on Cypress, TX, search here.






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