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Houston online marketing is important for any business to grow and stay ahead of the competition. The need for a radical shift in marketing tactics caused by the world-changing internet is undeniable.

Experienced online marketing companies in Houston help business owners avoid receiving penalties from the popular search engines. They also know the best strategies for improving the ranking in the search engines results pages (SERPS). Internet marketing is complex, has ever-changing rules, and is essential to virtually any business.

Many business owners struggle with the question of hiring professionals to handle Houston online marketing. For those who doubt the importance of entrusting professionals with the task, the following is just one of the many problems that are common amongst do-it-yourselves:

The Black Hat Problem

Success in online marketing in Houston and elsewhere, in simplest terms, comes down to search engine optimization (SEO). The reason SEO is of utmost importance is because the ultimate goal of online marketing is to gain the top position of search results, and the correct approach to SEO is the way to reach that goal. Contact our Houston Seo experts to get more details about this black hat problem. None of us ever want to get sand boxed by Google.

Black Hat SEO is an aggressive SEO strategy that does not focus on a relevant message to humans. Instead, it attempts to trick the search engines into placing your web page at the top by ignoring the established guidelines.

One of the trickiest elements of SEO is that people often accidentally use black hat methods. If you get caught trying to cheat the rules, intentionally or unintentionally, search engines will penalize your website. The penalty is to take it out of search results altogether for a period of time or put it at the bottom of the pile. It can be a long and costly process to overcome penalties imposed by search engines.

When, for example, business owners handle online marketing for their Houston company, they may simply copy content from other sources. Oops! This is a common mistake that brings detrimental consequences.

Another frequent black hat strategy of do-it-yourselfers that usually results in severe repercussions is social networking with spam. For example, if you post a comment simply as a form of advertisement with a link, as opposed to meaningfully networking with others, you are engaging in black hat SEO.

White Hat (aka Ethical) SEO

Organizations that are planning to maintain a healthy ROI from their website insist on White hat optimization. This insures their online objectives follow the search engine rules and regulations resulting in clear visibility for their target audience. Visitors will genuinely benefit from useful content that fills their needs rather than search engine algorithms. For example, a technical professional conducting extensive online research will minimally benefit from heavy sales jargon on that same interest. Therefore, it is best for web content to accommodate the specific knowledge seekers, problem solvers, and/or potential buyers.

Researched keywords are the building blocks of successful search engine optimization. Most people use a combination of these keywords to search online for the information pertaining to their interests. The remaining internet surfers type exactly for what they are looking which is less common especially for your organization. There will be an increase in return visitors when your Houston online market recognizes you have the answers to their needs. Identifying those specific keywords and strategically incorporating them into your website is what a skillful SEO company can do. Popular search engines like Google will raise your website’s page rankings as they realize the effectiveness of your keywords.

Link building is another white hat SEO tactic with many applications. The purpose of link building is to attract interested people to your site when they discover it on another page. Including a hyperlink within a popular and relevant blog is an effective way to bring people back to you (back link). Linking to other blogs that you deem useful may return the favor and reference your link as well. Potential clients appreciate reading positive reviews of those in connection with you. This will motivate them to include back links to you on their website.

4 tips when choosing the right SEO firm

#1: Determine the goals you want to reach with the SEO firm. Is it to attain a certain percentage of increase in sales by an approximate date? Is the aim to improve your company’s ranking by polishing its reputation online? Setting definite objectives and considering how the SEO consultant will reach those will assist you in determining the success of this collaboration.

#2: Privately consult with several SEO firms to gauge which one will be most effective in helping your business. They usually are eager to meet with you in order to showcase their talent and earn your trust. You will also be able to get a “feel” for their corporate culture and level of customer service. Afterwards, a written proposal with services and pricing should be available for your reference and to avoid any confusion.

#3: A successful SEO firm is able to provide a list of satisfied clients that you may contact for an honest review. Ask them why they choose to work with this SEO company over any others.

#4: Dig a little deeper by asking about their history, background, and highs and lows. This will help to give you the full flavor of this potential client when determining their dedication to your success.

What now?

Contact Houston’s Best Seo Company, Actual SEO Media, at (713) 737 – 5299 to schedule your free consultation. You will receive a free report of your current online status as well as your main competitor’s.

Black hat and white hat SEO are just two of numerous reasons to rely on an experienced firm for Houston online marketing.

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