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Houston professional seo services

Houston professional seo services

Houston professional seo services can get you found by your target customers, without getting your website penalized for using black hat optimization strategies. One of the risks you take when you hire a company with unprofessional methods of achieving search engine optimization (SEO) is that the company may be using aggressive tactics, techniques, and strategies that focus on gaining the attention of search engines but not the human audience. These are referred to as black hat SEO methods, are in violation of search engine guidelines, and are not practiced by high-quality Houston professional seo services.

When a website is discovered through one of the many algorithms built into search engines that are designed to flush out black hat techniques, the site is penalized. The punishment may be that the site, for a certain period of time, is banned on the search engine or simply pushed back into poor ranking, where customers won’t find it without first wading through possibly hundreds of pages. Since the goal is to rank at the top of the first search engine results page, these tactics are obviously risky if not foolish and downright deceptive. The following are some examples of black hat SEO, which the best Houston professional seo services do not use.

Duplicate Content

Duplication of content is definitely a big no-no, if a website is to legitimately build SEO that leads to high ranking on search engines. The worst black hat technique is simply copying content from another website because it amounts to plagiarism. That’s not the only type of duplicate content used incorrectly on the Internet, however. Sometimes duplicate copy is within a company’s own website pages. If a page is ever duplicated for a legitimate reason, Houston professional seo services will use a canonical tag in order to classify one of them as original and to ensure that search engines won’t penalize the site for the duplication.

Keyword Stuffing

There is a lot that can and perhaps should be said about keyword stuffing because it is the most tempting form of black hat SEO and probably the one most used – not without regret. Keyword stuffing is pure black hat SEO, and experienced Houston professional seo services stay away from the practice with due diligence.

When the Internet was new, manipulating the ranking of a website page by stuffing it with keywords was something many got away with for a long time. Those days are gone. Search engines are seeking to elevate legitimate websites with relevant, authoritative content designed to appeal to human readers. Keyword stuffing is an approach which involves packing relevant keywords in just to get the attention of the search engines, without being of value to readers. The goal, which is often achieved for a short time, is to rank high on the search engine results page.

Keyword stuffing is a sneaky tactic meant to trick search engine algorithms, when what the search engines really want is to provide a great user experience.  The way Houston professional seo services use keywords is with appropriate density, about 1.5% being the sweet spot.

Watery Content

Search engines strive to give top billing to sites that have authoritative and relevant content. You can depend upon high-quality Houston professional seo services to focus most attention on content coupled with appropriate use of keywords. Many websites, however, use a black hat tactic of spinning content. They use a software program to plug in one article and electronically spin the information into several additional pages to be used on the site to create the illusion that there is plenty of fresh new content.

These are just a few of the deceptive SEO practices that can result in a website being seriously penalized on the Internet. Trust proven Houston professional seo services to do the job right.