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A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing

SEO is essential for internet marketing.

Actual SEO Media offers services such as web design, social media marketing, email marketing, and so much more. When you come in, you become a member of our business. We strive to impress every business owner. Our agency can help you grow your business into something better with SEO marketing.

You may be wondering what exactly is SEO marketing, and how does it develop traction for your business? Well, Actual SEO Media has a number of ways to create friction for your business, and we will go into a few of the ways we can do that here. You can find more information on our website about what we will do for you and your business.

What are SEO and Keywords?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is used on websites, articles, blogs, and other internet places to gain a higher ranking in search results. When you type a string of words into Google’s search bar, you are creating a keyword. Google may have suggested the string of words to you as you were typing it in, which means they were popular keywords.

Websites relevant to that keyword come up first because they have great search engine optimization. Their webpages and other parts of the site have been determined, by Google, they are the most relevant to the searched keyword. If your website is not optimized, then you will most likely not show up on the first page of results. Most people do not click on the second page of the results. Additionally, 67% of people will only click on the first five links of search results.

How to Start a Successful Blogging

Here are some tips on how to start a successful blog that gets a lot of website traffic and generates revenue online now. We also do guest blogging.

If your business’s website is not within those five links, then you are gaining the traffic you need. Actual SEO Media can help you reach those top five link rankings by are numerous services. The way your website is significantly designed affects its ranking. It needs to be optimized to make those rankings.

Keyword Articles

Keyword articles are a great way to boost SEO on a website. Content must be crafted in certain ways for Google to find the content relevant to the keyword search. Actual SEO Media will find you the highest searched keywords and develop articles around those keywords. We use software integrated with WordPress to create great SEO articles.

Articles require a number of things to receive a good SEO score. Links, length of the article, images, content, and so much more are important when developing these pieces. Links need to be internal and external to create a useful piece for the reader. You may be wondering why we want to have links to other sites. Well, Google sees that as important content to the reader because it gives them more bang for their buck.

Articles should always be longer than three hundred words, but one thousand words are typically the best option. It makes the content more authoritative for Google. These articles are a great way to boost SEO for any website. Keyword articles are one of our biggest marketing strategies.

Website Design and Development

If your business does not have a website or is not the best it can be, then our team of web developers can create a user and SEO friendly site for you. Actual SEO Media will make sure it is optimized the way it needs to be for Google’s standards. A mobile-friendly website is also great to have.

Mobile phones are constantly looking up businesses to meet their needs. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you will lose customers. Actual SEO Media’s web developers will create a mobile-friendly website that also fits SEO standards. Furthermore, business owners can rest knowing their website is in good hands. We want our clients to be comfortable with their website in our hands.

How To Build a Social Media Marketing

Social media has the power to help you build a personal connection with your prospects.

Actual SEO Media can develop a website from the ground up using WordPress. WordPress is used to create one-third of all other sites on the internet. It is the premium website developer platform, and your site will be generated from it. That way, you get the best looking website for the best price.

Social Media

If your business is not on social media, then you need to be. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few platforms we make sure our clients take advantage of. Connecting with potential clients is best done through social media. We can create these accounts for you and post what you want on them. Blogs are great pieces of content we can post. Regardless, social media is more significant than ever, and your business needs to be a part of it. Our team of SEO specialists will develop a social media marketing plan, so your business garners customers.

Quit Searching “Houston TX SEO Company USA” and Start Calling

Business owners looking to improve their website traffic with SEO should contact Actual SEO Media. We can help you with all of your internet marketing needs. Call us today at (832) 834-0661. You may also visit our website to find more information about what we do. We also recommend you check out our Main Office, Houston Office, and Williams Tower location pages. We are eager to develop an internet marketing campaign for you. Our team of SEO specialists, content writers, and web developers will certainly take care of your business. You can stop searching “Houston TX SEO Company USA” and start calling us.

Fun Facts about Houston

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