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If you are looking for a Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency, consider contacting Actual SEO Media! Our team of SEO experts, web designers, and content writers are passionate about helping your business succeed.

In today’s digital marketing world, there are countless platforms one can use to market their business. PPC and SEO are among the most effective tools used by SEO agencies to help companies become more visible on Google.

However, not all SEO companies will know how to drive traffic organically to your company website. Actual SEO Media knows how to place your business in a position for success through digital marketing techniques we have learned through practice and experience.

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PPC, or pay per click advertising, is a simple yet very effective way to direct more traffic to your company website. When you choose to post a Google ad, you will begin to see results within days.

When a person clicks on your advertisement, you will receive a charge for a small fee. Usually, this fee is in the range of $25. While this can seem like a lot of money when just starting, it is well worth the investment.

Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency

Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency

For each person that clicks, you have a potential customer. And, in turn, each customer could potentially spend upwards of $25 on your services or products.

By linking your advertisement to specific keywords, it shows up when people search for particular services or products. Although PPC is an excellent digital marketing tool, it is even more effective when you partner it with SEO techniques.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is another technique SEO specialists use to optimize your company’s visibility on Google. Every day, millions of people use Google to search for particular products, services, and information.

Google has a specific algorithm for detecting which search terms are typically in use for each one. These we refer to as keywords.

When you connect keywords to your business website, there is a greater chance for it to pop up among the top results for a particular search term.

For instance, let’s say a person is searching for an emergency vet. They might type the keywords ’24/7 vet Houston area.’ Or, they might be more specific and search for something like ‘Emergency vet near Pearland.’

Both of these keywords might be used frequently enough for Google to rank them as relevant to your business. When you work with Actual SEO Media, our SEO specialists will create a list of keywords that are linked to your company.

Our content writers will then incorporate each keyword into blogs, articles, and website content. Following this, our website designers will design a website using this content. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure it is both visually appealing and easy for customers to navigate.

The use of PPC and SEO together will ensure a more effective digital marketing plan, and you will be astonished by the results. Additionally, it will guarantee that if you ever decide to drop the PPC ads, you will still have people coming to your website. Optimization of your position on Google makes this possible.

For more information about our SEO services and how we can help you position your business for success, check out our website!

Local SEO

Local SEO is different from regular SEO in that it utilizes digital platforms to market for brick-and-mortar companies. If you are a small business, you will want your location to be recognizable and known to a wide variety of local people and places.

Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency

The experts at Actual SEO Media can help you grow your business organically!

For those who are not local to your area, the solution is to position your company on Google, so it shows up when someone searches for a local business similar to yours. For instance, let’s say you own an antique store located in a small downtown district.

While locals might be familiar with your business and repeatedly visit, you want to increase the traffic that comes to you for services or products. To do this, the principles for regular SEO are put to use. Additionally, you can claim or create any local listings that might be online.

Actual SEO Media has an exceptional team of experts who know how to leverage traditional and local SEO methods to increase the visibility of your business online. For more information about our local SEO services, visit our website, or give us a call for a free consultation. Allow us to be your Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency.

Social Media

Social media has recently become one of the most popular platforms where business owners can market their services and products. It has additionally become a prime spot where news agencies can post new and trending information.

Numerous business owners use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for advertising sales, promotions, or other relevant information. Similarly, many people use Linkedin for networking among business owners. It also facilitates partnerships and engaging conversations amongst people of similar professions.

Another way you can use social media marketing is by starting conversations with your customers about various products and services you offer. Sometimes, their feedback can lead to improvements in products and services, which can produce more growth in your business.

Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency

Actual SEO Media is a Houston based digital marketing agency with a reputation for effective services that produce results. Each of our clients receives a catered approach to their digital marketing needs, and our team of SEO experts can handle a wide variety of search types.

Our content writers come up with creative blogs and articles for your website so that you can organically increase traffic and thereby cause an uptick in potential sales and eventual business growth. SEO, local SEO, PPC, and social media all form a digital marketing platform that is sure to

Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency

Katy Texas Digital Marketing Agency

place your business at the top.

For more information about our services or to receive a free consultation, visit our website. To speak with a customer support agent who can clarify any questions you have, call us at (832) 834-0661. For an exceptional Katy TX Digital Marketing Agency, contact Actual SEO Media Inc. soon!

Katy, TX Fun Facts:

  • At one point, Katy was called the rice capital of the world.
  • Many events are hosted at Katy’s VFW Park, including movie nights and community campouts.
  • A walking or driving tour of over a dozen historical homes and buildings downtown is available in Katy.
  • Katy is about 30 minutes from Houston.
  • For more information, visit the city’s website!
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