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If you are looking for a tried and effective way to promote your business, then Memorial, TX internet marketing is for you. Internet marketing (also called online or digital marketing) allows you to reach many potential customers at a relatively low cost. You can use a variety of online marketing tools to reach your customers. These include email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Memorial, TX internet marketing

Memorial, TX internet marketing can help turbo-charge your business!

Actual SEO Media, Inc. can be the right internet marketing agency for you! We have a plethora of experience and expertise and are passionate about what we do. We are committed to helping our digital marketing clients succeed, which is why we offer a variety of marketing services that can be tailor-fit to meet the specific needs of our clients.

When seeking out an online marketing agency, it is vital that you choose one with a proven track record of results. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a page full of customer testimonials from satisfied clients. However, we understand if you do not trust these reviews to be unbiased. Therefore, we encourage you to contact any of the businesses listed on our references page! These past and present clients have generously agreed to vouch for us, so feel free to reach out to them.

If you are ready to take the next steps in working with us, then contact our Houston main office. Call our office or fill out our online form. We would be happy to give you a free quote for our SEO services or book you down for a FREE online marketing consultation!

What Memorial, TX Internet Marketing Can Help You Achieve

Our team of digital marketing experts is eager to meet with you and discuss your digital marketing strategy. With digital marketing, like with any other marketing campaign, it is important to know what goals you hope to achieve. A strategy to increase brand awareness will be slightly different from one aimed at increasing sales.

There are a lot of ways in which internet marketing can boost your business. A lot of them can be turned into measurable goals. Here are some of them.

Improved Position in Search Results

Memorial, TX internet marketing

There are different types of strategies that can be used to boost your SEO, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

When you search for services or products on Google, do you tend to look past the first page of search results? Do you tend to trust results that are higher up the page?

As the data shows, most Google traffic – over 90% – is reserved solely for the first page of search results. Only a little more than 4% makes it to the second page, and less and less traffic ends up on subsequent pages. Plus, around 30% off all the clicks on the first page go to the first search result. The first three results total will get more than half the clicks!

As you might guess, it is vital to the visibility of your webpage that they end up as high as they can on the search engine results pages. Otherwise, your customers might not be able to find your business! Internet marketing techniques such as SEO and pay-per-click advertising can help improve your website’s position on Google and other search engines.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This refers to optimizing a website for Google search so that its pages appear higher in the search results pages.

There are various SEO techniques that can be used to improve a website’s rank.

  • On-page optimization includes adding keywords to titles and metatags.
  • Off-page optimization includes building links from other high-quality websites.
  • Technical optimization includes improving site speed and structure.

The most important thing to remember is that SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix. In order to maintain and improve your site’s ranking, you’ll need to monitor your progress and make changes as needed regularly. Of course, this is where a Memorial, TX internet marketing agency like Actual SEO Media, Inc. is handy.

Better User Experience

As mentioned before, technical SEO involves improving the structure and speed of your website. This doesn’t just appeal to Google – this appeals to human visitors, too. Regular website audits help to ensure that your website is pleasant for users to visit, resulting in a better user experience.


When it comes to the trustworthiness and credibility of your business, reviews are huge. People love to rely on reviews before purchasing any item or visiting an establishment. Therefore, Google takes reviews very seriously, and they are often displayed in the search results for your business.

Brand Awareness

People retain knowledge very well. If a potential customer sees your business on Google or on social media, they might not convert into buyers right away, but they will know your name and brand. The next time this person needs to get a certain product or service, they’ll know where to find you. They will also feel more confident about purchasing from you. This is the power of brand awareness.

There are many ways to boost brand awareness through digital marketing. One way is to create shareable content that speaks to your target audience. This could be in the form of article writing, blog posts, infographics, or even short videos. Link your website or blog to social media posts so that people can learn more about your brand.

Spectacular Internet Marketing Services for You!

Memorial, TX internet marketing

Schedule a FREE Memorial, TX internet marketing consultation today by calling our Houston main office!

Actual SEO Media, Inc. is proud to offer our customers the best possible online marketing services. We work with them to ensure they are getting the most out of their internet marketing campaigns. Plus, we offer our work at competitive prices that are fair and reasonable.

Our team of online marketing experts is always available to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have. So, when you are ready to begin your Memorial, TX internet marketing campaign, be sure to contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. at our Houston main office!

Memorial, TX Fun Facts:

  • The Memorial was full of country estates and farmland before being annexed by Houston.
  • The Addicks townpeople moved here after the Addicks Reservoir was built on the site of their town.
  • Memorial City mall is the crown jewel of this area.
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