It is very important to find an ethical SEO or internet marketing company. Search engines like Google have rules and guidelines for SEO practices. Black hat tactics are SEO practices that violate those rules due to them being unethical.

black hat seo

Avoid black hat SEO with this information.

Organic web traffic growth and an expanded internet presence is the ultimate goal of good SEO. With black hat tactics, the web traffic introduced won’t be organic. Black hat web traffic is generated by bots and trickery. Any traffic generated by using black hat tactics will most likely be penalized anyway.

False results are a waste of your time and money. Some of the black hat practices to look out for are keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicated content, and link farms. Stay away from SEO or internet marketing companies that use these practices. You should also steer clear of companies that aren’t transparent about their methods.

Keyword Stuffing

Before you learn about keyword stuffing, you need to know about keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into the search bars of search engines. These words and phrases help users find the products and services that they are looking for.

A main practice in SEO (or search engine optimization) is to use certain keywords to create content for web pages. These web pages located on SEO company clients’ websites will be visible to users when they search for those keywords. That will increase the recognition your business, brand, or company will get online.

Using keywords to make content will ultimately increase your revenue if done right. However, keyword stuffing takes advantage of that practice. Keyword stuffing involves using as many keywords as possible. Those keywords will be irrelevant to the content and incorporated in an unnatural way.

Keywords must be relevant to the business an SEO company is advertising or the topic of the content. If a company breaks that rule, the content or the website will be punished by search engines. The punishment is having a lower Google ranking.

A common example of keyword stuffing is a long list of random phone numbers. It can also appear as a block of text made up of many cities and states that have nothing to do with the website. Since keyword stuffing has negative consequences for the website, it is a practice that should be avoided.

black hat seo

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Cloaking is a way some SEO companies without scruples choose to hide the poor content they create. They will cloak the content so that search engine algorithms won’t recognize it is black hat SEO. This is to try and get the content to rank higher in search results.

The content users will see in these instances is awful. It can be poorly written or even stolen from other websites. Spam websites and companies that are scamming you will use cloaking for bad ends.

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