Only a professional SEO Consultant Pittsburgh has the skills and resources for optimal search engine optimization (SEO). Organic SEO provides the best return on investment, and yet it is a cost-effective approach to advertising. With more than 90% of all consumers using search engines to find local products and services, it’s essential to have the help of an SEO consultant Pittsburgh, to get ahead of the competition.

For your company to remain competitive in the digital market, you need to focus on online visibility. Part of this visibility includes showing up on the first web pages for search results. Research shows that most consumers do not click past the first page when they search online. Search engine optimization is how a company can get on the first page during searches. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website. Which is done by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results.

What Are Algorithms?

The factors used to rank web pages in search results are the algorithms. No SEO consultant will ever fully know every detail regarding the setup of algorithms. Our experts at Actual SEO Media, however, have kept up with search engine changes. The knowledge we gain through vigilance has been used to consistently put our clients at the top of search results.

SEO Consultant PittsburgThere have been a few major changes in algorithms that caused many websites to drop in ranking and many others to rise. An expert SEO consultant Pittsburgh keeps a continuous pulse on these changes, in order to make needed adjustments in SEO strategies. The good news is that our experts at Actual SEO Media use best practices in order to improve a website’s optimization. Changes in algorithms typically give our websites an additional boost toward the top, since we strive for strong organic SEO.

A Few Types Of Algorithms

Google Penguin

Google Penguin was a change that began penalizing bogus websites. No professional SEO consultant Pittsburgh will use the methods that will get your website a penalty temporarily or permanently from search results. Keyword stuffing, for example, can not be in use with the Penguin update. This is a black-hat practice involving excessive use of keywords.

The strategy aims to fool search bots into thinking a website is a perfect answer for a particular search. Instead, what the website usually contains is not helpful to users. This is considered a trick that sets back the efforts of search engines to provide the best results. If your SEO consultant Pittsburgh has been using this and/or other tricky methods, the best thing you can do is hire the experts at Actual SEO Media, who will turn the situation around.

The Google Hummingbird

The Google Hummingbird algorithm update has been a huge gateway for new strategies. With an expert at Actual SEO Media as your SEO consultant Pittsburgh, you can be confident that this significant change works in your favor.

Instead of keywords being strictly used to find matches with web pages, the intent of the user is considered. A more balanced set of results is offered. Long-tail keywords are more helpful now and change the type of content recommended for a website. For instance, with Hummingbird added to algorithms, articles that directly answer questions are highly recommended. “How will SEO experts improve mobile web design” is an example, and tips are below.

SEO Consultant Pittsburgh

SEO involves several components that work together to draw in organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization means including keywords in specific locations. These keywords are usually what people are searching for in the search engines. If a person is looking for window cleaners they may search, window cleaners Houston TX. And then websites that have pages with those keywords will pull up. Websites with high traffic volumes often appear on the first page of search results. Which is the goal that all businesses are trying to achieve.

SEO professionals need to conduct keyword research, keeping your industry and location in mind. During this keyword research they will be able to determine what people are searching for then they are looking for your service or products. They must also audit your website, looking for areas of improvement. Because effective strategies usually involve copywriting part of the site to include those keywords. While this task may seem simple, in reality, it is quite complex. Hiring an SEO professional guarantees more accurate results and more web traffic to your virtual doorstep.

The expert SEO professionals at Actual SEO Media are happy to offer clients free keyword research. Free keyword tracking is another service they provide to all clients. Which can put you ahead of the game of the competition. And your business will be able to stay ahead with these marketing tools.

Mobile Compatibility

One of the first priorities that any SEO consultant Pittsburgh has for a new client is ensuring mobile compatibility. Websites must automatically convert to a version that best fits the type of device in use. The majority of users are on hand-held devices such as cell phones and tablets. They expect to see a version of a website that fits the small screen.

SEO Consultant Pittsburgh

Your site should be mobile friendly for many kinds of devices.

It’s important to realize that failing to provide a user-friendly experience to mobile users results in a demotion in search engine results. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines all want to be sure they provide the best results. Without mobile compatibility, it is just not possible.

Social Media

As we all know, social media has taken over and are platforms that almost everyone uses. Which is why it is important for businesses to utilize social media. When you use social media you are able to reach an entirely different audience that you may not have before. And social media can be a free marketing tool to advertise your products or services.

An experienced SEO professional will be able to boost your social media traffic by writing original blog content. And posting to your social media accounts during the prime times. This may sound easy, but in reality, takes a lot of time. A professional will be able to write blogs that will entice your followers to visit your business and share with others.

Social media is all about getting quality people to follow you, support your business, and share your business with others. Creating a chain reaction where you will be getting more business. Social media can put you ahead of the competition and needs to be utilized to its full potential.

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Many SEO firms offer a wide range of services. Because these professionals want to ensure your business thrives. And the only way to do this is by a wide variety of marketing tools. Because today’s market is so competitive with over 1 billion websites on the world wide web. Businesses need to be focused not only on having a strong web presence. But having local listings, advertising, and graphic design are all important in having your website thrive.

As you can see, online marketing has many different components. And to have a successful online presence. You need to constantly have updated articles, blogs, and listings. Which why having an SEO professional that offers a wide variety of services can help your business to manage all these components. Because it is much easier to hire one company for all your marketing needs.

Actual SEO Media offers a wide array of services to their clients. They have the ability to handle all your marketing needs. And they will go above and beyond to ensure that your website is running at top performance. Their experts develop original, interesting content just for your website. And can assist with user-friendly design. New and returning clients can reach them by calling (832) 834-0661. For all of your SEO consultant Pittsburgh needs, find us at one of our many locations.

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