Sugar land TX Seo Company

Sugar Land TX SEO Company

Sugar land TX seo company Actual SEO Media delivers measurable results with the goal of continually increasing conversion rate. All advertising has one purpose, which is to build business.

Our experts use all of the best strategies for achieving this important end, and we have delivered proven results to our customers. The following are some of the important strategies used to lower the bounce rate.


Sugar Land TX SEO

Sugar Land TX SEO Company

What is the “Bounce Rate?”

The bounce rate on a site represents the percentage of visitors who move on to another Internet site after viewing only one page. Effective online marketing techniques, such as those used at Actual SEO Media, Sugar land TX Seo Company, lower the bounce rate. There are many different tactics that can be used to accomplish this goal.


Keep Content Fresh

When visitors click to your site and there are signs that it may not have been updated for years, expect a high bounce rate. Few are interested in reading outdated information. Keeping content up-to-date doesn’t only mean add new content regularly. It also means keeping your high-traffic but old posts updated with fresh edits and re-posts.


Easy Readability

One thing a savvy Sugar land TX seo company understands is that visitors want to be able to scan a page to glean desired information. One way to reduce bounce rate is by keeping paragraphs short, to accommodate shrinking attention spans.


Weeding Out Double Meanings

What a website needs is relevant traffic, not misguided traffic. If your website has a ridiculously high bounce rate, it could be because of double meanings in your keywords. For instance, a man had laboratory space for sale. The keyword “labs for sale” was used on his site, and it churned up a huge volume of visitors looking to purchase a Labrador retriever. Experts at an attentive Sugar land TX seo company will be alert to misleading keywords that increase bounce rate.


Eliminate Broken Link

A broken link on your website is similar to a website that comes off as too outdated. Rely on an attentive Sugar land TX seo company to handle details such as broken links. A broken link is when a link can be clicked on to get to a different web page but the page has been deleted or moved. An added problem associated with broken links is that they can halt the process of search engines fully indexing your website.


Avoid Annoying Popups

Research has indicated that one thing website visitors find annoying is when they are forced to deal with irrelevant popups as they are visiting a page. If visitors feel that they are being somewhat bullied by aggressive popups or aggressive language in a popup, they are likely to bounce over to a different site.


Quick Page Loading

One of the jobs of a Sugar land TX seo company is to make sure a website loads quickly. According to research, approximately 57% of users will click to a new website if they have to wait more than 3 seconds for the page to load. There are many different approaches to increase loading speed, and it’s an important effort to make, when needed.


Improve Readability

Sometimes it can take some research to determine why a bounce rate is higher than it seems it should be. An experienced Sugar land TX seo company will be alert to readability of the copy on the website. The comprehension levels of reading should be compatible with the average comprehension level of your company’s target audience. The writing needs to be concise and understandable, to avoid an increase in the bounce rate.


Great Web Design

One of the best reasons to hire a Sugar land TX seo company is to ensure that the website design is appealing and will help reduce the bounce rate.

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