There are many different team member roles that exist within an SEO company. Each of these roles is crucially important to develop effective search engine optimization. You can feel at ease knowing an SEO company like Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a talented and competent team supporting them.

Understanding SEO 

Understanding SEO comes easy when you team up with our agency.

SEO has many moving parts involved in the process. It is extremely helpful to have multiple team members engaging in different roles in order to create SEO effectively. Some common SEO team member roles include content writers, SEO specialists, and web developers.

Content Writers

Content writers working for SEO agencies are responsible for producing written content for the purposes of SEO. They work closely together with SEO specialists. The content they create should be informative, relevant, and engaging. Content created for SEO purposes calls for a writer skilled at writing about a range of technical subjects.

SEO content writers write in a number of mediums. Some examples include web pages, blogs, articles, product descriptions, and more. Each of these mediums uses writing for a different purpose. Once the content is created, it all works together in different ways to improve your SEO.

Web Pages

Web pages are a common and important way content writers contribute to SEO. The web pages of your official business website need to be filled with relevant content.

This content should appeal to and relate to both your business and potential clients and customers. Content like that makes your website look appealing to search engine algorithms. They recognize that content is useful and relevant to users searching for your products and services. Content writers and web developers work together to create great web pages.

For the purposes of SEO, web pages need images, buttons, links, and sometimes forms. The web developers will create the forms and buttons, but content writers are needed for the written content. The writers take care of the images and links that may be present on web pages.

team member roles

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SEO Specialists

SEO specialists have to know about a lot of topics. They are required to keep up to date on culture and more. This will allow them to choose appropriate SEO methods as the changing landscape dictates.

The SEO specialists at an SEO company work together with all the other team members.

Web Developers

Websites are crucial to SEO practices. The website is what an SEO company’s strategies are anchored to. Website developers can create a modern and stylish website that will accommodate all the functions you require. It is very important for your business’s website to be user-friendly.

The way a website is laid out can have a large effect on SEO. SEO company web developers work to streamline your website design and function. They can also create a version of your website that will be easy to use for users interacting on mobile devices. If you need Houston SEO, Actual SEO Media, Inc. is a local Houston SEO company. Contact us at our main office by phone or email.