1. What are the methods of payment  accepted to increase your traffic Q&A?

You can make the payment by using any of the following methods: 1. PayPal 2.Visa and MasterCard 3. Credit Card

2. How many days will I be waiting for the beginning of my traffic campaign?

Your campaign will be started within a day, most probably within a few hours after we receive your order. In general we send the confirmation letter of the order within 3-5 hours. If you don’t get the confirmation mail within 24 hours, you need to contact us for verification of  your order.

3. For how many days the traffic campaigns are carried out?

Most of the times we carry out the traffic campaigns for less than 30 days. However, sometimes we need 45 days to complete, depending on the nation chosen by the client. For more details you can contact us.

4. Do you offer 24 hour exclusive traffic?

Yes, we provide 24 hours exclusive traffic campaigns.

5. Do you accept traffic from sites that have pop ups?

No. We don’t accept orders from any sites that have pop ups on them.

6. How can I check my traffic stats?

We will email you a link and you can check your status only when your campaign is continuing.

7. Is there any chances of getting accused of using spam techniques?

Not at all. Please have a look at our Traffic page or buy website traffic page.

8. Are there any constraints on the contents on my website?

No, there are no restrictions on contents of your website as we will not accept additional pop-up windows and Java pop-ups.

9. Does your company impose any extra or hidden charges?

NO, not at all! We have listed on our website all the required fees and that is all you need to pay. And thanks to the ads displayed on the stats page, you are not charged for our tracking system and stats.

10. Is there any refund policy? Traffic Re-sellers will issue refunds only if the is no delivery of traffic to your website due to our problems.

11. What is the limit of traffic you can provide per month?

Our company has the ability to provide over 1 billion unique visitors per 30 days.