Do you need a full or part-time press release writer? If you are in search of a professional press release writer to write for you within your budget, then your search has come to an end! Our company has a well-spread network of new websites, newspaper publications, TV and radio stations which Online Marketing Houston uses for our releases. It is common to see our writing samples on tons of different websites or sometimes more than 10,000 sites! Having a press release writer, writing for your new material regularly will improve your website and keywords in all search engines. The priceless value of having a press release writer working on your online presence will help you grow your website fast.

Putting up new articles, press releases, new content, and blogging on a daily bases will blow up your online presence faster than most. Out of all of our services, our content writing is unparalleled. We’re a LOCAL SEO COMPANY HOUSTON that offers a press release writer so you can spend your time managing the business and not writing about it full-time.

The Benefits of a Press Release Writer

There are endless amounts of benefits for having a press release writer. When you start a business, there are a lot of risks involved. However, finding a press release writer locally in Houston shouldn’t have to be complicated. Having a press release writer will allow you to have more time to manage your business while potentially increasing your profits. Running a business can be extremely time-consuming. But that process can be stress-free. We have been supporting local businesses in the greater Houston area and neighboring locations for years now and have received several testimonials from satisfied clients.

A press release writer with make your company seem professional, trust-worthy, and impress everyone who wants to learn more on your website. Our writers are perfect for conveying clear and concise messages to customers, clients, and business associates alike. Our full time and part-time writers will work hard to help your business blossom no matter what.

Press Release Writer

Press Release Writer

More Traffic To Your Website

Business owners need the absolute best when it comes to generating traffic to your website. As your business grows, you must develop a network to reach your target audience. This will allow your customers to get the services or goods they need as soon as possible. The value of a satisfied customer is priceless. Our writers will work hard and diligently to boost traffic to your website. Our professional team will work with you to highlight relevant keywords your clients and customers search for, so it’s easier to find you.

Houston is large and has a significant volume of business. Having a press release writer will maximize your chances to stand out from a crowd. Many companies do not take advantage of hiring a press release writer and will overwhelm themselves by trying to expand and spread the word of their company. As a result, they do not have many visitors on their website.

Press Release Writer

Actual SEO Media will help generate traffic to your website.


Be the expert your target audience needs. Developing trust between your company and your clients is paramount. By hiring a press release writer, you will credit yourself as professional and help stand out from competitors. Additionally, a well-crafted press release does more than raise awareness of your company. It demonstrates that you and your company care enough to inform the public and your clients about what’s going on in your company. It stimulates interest in your services and shows that you’re still prospering as a business.

Our writers will convey information in a fast, easy, and efficient manner to get everyone talking about your company. Investing a press release writer will assist you in gaining momentum as the best in your field. Compelling and informative press releases are an invaluable investment.

Press Release Writer

A writer will establish your company as credible and trustworthy.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Clients and customers will be more inclined to return to your website by having someone write for you. Communication with your audience will establish trust and keep people informed on what your company is doing. Specials, limited offers, new products, and more will create a significant impact on your business no matter what. Our writers work hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimization) specialists that focus on keywords. This allows a potential client or customer to find you easier.

A press release writer is perfect for a small or medium-sized business looking to grow in the near future. A tight budget shouldn’t stop you from getting the best exposure you need. Actual SEO Media is committed to helping businesses of any size reach their press writing goals.

Furthermore, hiring a writer is ideal for established businesses as well. By having an active profile, you will not only gain more clients and customers, but it will help retain those you already have.

Press Release Writer

By investing in a press release writer, it will be easier to find new clients and customers.

Increasing Your Profits

If your company has a new product, service, or a great offer, then it’s essential to convey that information quickly and as efficiently to your demographic. Similarly, you want to spread awareness about what you have to offer to brand new customers or clients. By having a writer, you can highlight any key advancements or developments about your company. This will increase interest, and pretty soon, you could have people blowing up your company’s line asking for more information.

Businesses move locations, open new locations, have a new line of products, new services, different costs, and much more. Having a strong social media presence can significantly boost traffic for potential buyers.

Press Release Writing Mistakes

When you want boosted visibility to your website, you want the absolute best in order to succeed. It’s essential to recognize what are the do’s and don’ts of a press release. If you have an inexperienced writer or are attempting to be your own press writer, you may run into some problems. In order to be the best, try to avoid the following mistakes many companies have made.

  1. Bland Headlines – There is nothing more off-putting than reading something that does not interest us while trying to sell itself. This is especially true if it’s a boring headline. People need to be enticed right away to keep reading the next sentence and learn what you have to offer.
  2. Making It All About You – The most critical aspect is to connect with your audience. A press release needs to be relevant. If it’s just a pat on the back for your or the company, then it might give the wrong impression.
  3. Be Concise – When you fill your press release with too much information, it might come off as bloated. This could be very distracting and not capture the attention you need. Every person counts, and if you lose one, you could be hurting the image your brand has.
  4. But Not Too Concise – Moderation is key. If your press release is too concise, then the person read it may not get the full scope of what you’re trying to sell to them. This will make them less likely to learn more about future information.
  5. Tone Is Always Important – It’s imperative to understand the tone of your message. And it’s also essential to be familiar with the mood you need to use for your audience. If you are too formal, you may come off as dull, too casual, might give you the appearance that you are not serious. Additionally, using too much jargon can cause confusion to what you’re saying. A person will not understand what the message is if they do not understand the words or have to look them up.

As you can see, there are a lot of important to take into consideration. People who embark on trying to be their own press release writer can be hurting themselves. Another reason why having a press release writer can be a tremendous help to you and your company.

Get Started with Actual SEO Media

Make no doubt about it, and we’re here to help you and your business grow. Our mission is to help small businesses in Houston grow and give back to their communities. If your company is trying to have a press release, then do it the right way. Avoid mistakes and get a professional. The value of a good writer will help you gain attention, increase traffic to your website, and establish yourself as a leading expert in your field. Call us today at (832)-834–0661 and find out how you can get a press release writer to help your business grow.

Fun Facts about Houston, TX

  • Home to over 2.3 million people, it is the fourth-largest city in the United States.
  • As the medical capital of the world, it has over 16,000 international patients per year.
  • Houston has over 10,000 restaurants, so finding a good meal shouldn’t be hard.
  • “Houston” was the first word heard on earth from the moon.