Search Engine Optimization is all about taking people to your website and attracting them to interact with your content in the way you want, such as getting them to sign up to your e-mail list or ordering a product you are offering. Mobile marketing and social media are on the rise in popularity, but so are QR codes. QR codes are great for SEO and marketing in general, for sure.

Below are discussed top tips about how QR codes affect your SEO campaign. To improve User Experience when using QR codes, you need to have a business objective you want to reach. You need to be on an excellent way to achieve your goal, whether it be adding consumers to your mailing list or getting more sales.

However, the most important thing is to provide contextual assistance to your users. If you are trying a piece of content or service with no value or support, your conversion rates will drop. Rest assured that augmented reality, QR Codes are great when striving for online presence and business success.

Improving User Experience

As Google and other search engines track user experience, it’s essential to improve your content and your pages to the high levels they require. Google+ reviews are one way of driving visitors to your site, which uses QR codes to review your products and services. If you have a Google+ business account, it’s useful to have at least a couple of reviews to encourage visitors to post testimonials.

It’s easier to do that by providing your visitors the QR codes encoded with a Google pin and leave the scanning to them afterward. Houston Digital Marketing Experts have good knowledge about the QR codes Google+ Reviews Matter One way of driving visitors to your site is using QR codes to review your products or services.

SEO needs to drive traffic to your social media pages as well. You can easily allure people to become active members of your social media pages by encouraging them to scan QR codes. The QR code may lead them to special promotions or events, but either way, you’ll significantly improve your social visibility and SEO in general.

QR Codes

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What Are QR Codes and How Are They Helpful?

Before we jump ahead into designing QR codes, it is crucial to understand what they are and how they function. Not only will this give us a better understanding of them, but it also teaches us why they are needed. A QR Code is basically a machine-readable barcode that will provide information about a specific item or service.

For instance, a company can create a QR code for people to learn more about their business. Usually, people will use their mobile device to scan the QR code, and it will proceed to a website. There, you will find quick and informative content about the company. Since QR codes can be appealing and fast to scan, they are great ways to increase the online presence of your business.

Compared to business cards, QR codes offer a more natural way for people to contact and learn more about a company. When it comes to designing your custom QR code, there are benefits that QR Code generators offer. To learn more about developing a successful QR Code, continue reading or visit us online.

Design Custom QR Codes

Some of the most apparent advantages of customizing your own QR Code include standing out from the crowd, expand your brand awareness, and contribute to the overall success of your business. If you are ready to design your custom QR code, there are some considerations to take. Keep in mind that most marketing campaigns use graphic design to attract the public and potential customers. Therefore, it is essential to design a QR Code that is both appealing and visible to everyone.

Stand Out & Expand Your Brand Awareness

Although most QR codes are simple black and white squares, there are now ways to enhance the design. With the aid of a QR code generator software, you can select from different frames, a variety of colors, and even add a call to action. Taking the time to customize your QR code will definitely lead to an increase in scans.

However, there are steps to follow to achieve an intriguing QR code. In following our tips, you will ensure that your website receives more views and will also expand your brand awareness. By adding the colors and font of your brand to your QR code, you will get people to remember your work.

The same concept goes for logos. When a company has a logo, it is easy for people to remember the business since they repeatedly see the logo. So, when you create an eye-catching QR code, people will remember your company by it. Even better, you can add your logo to your QR code to add to your brand awareness.

QR Codes

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Customize Your QR Code

Similar to the aesthetic of your company website, you must also design your QR code to be well-balanced in color and visibility. Color is a crucial factor in creating a QR code image that read, without being too loud and distracting. While you are looking for colors that will stand out, you also need to make sure that they contrast and balance each other. You want to include your brand’s color, but ultimately draw attention so people will scan the codes.

If you do not follow such guidelines, it is easy to fall victim to QR codes that do not read. For instance, if you add too much of one color, you can risk the QR code from being noticed. Also, if you add too much color, the entire QR Code will not match and be distracting. Avoid such mistakes and ensure success with a well-designed QR Code.

Add Unique Features

Another way to improve the appearance of your QR Code is to add images and even your logo. As mentioned, this will help expand your brand awareness. Since the QR code readers will be redirected to another screen, we can add a logo there as well.

Also, you can make your design more unique by adding a frame. This can help increase the graphics and attract more QR code scanners. However, there is one thing that must not change.

While there are several ways to customize your QR code, its square shape must always remain the same. Having a square shape will minimize the scanning time and load your company content faster.

For a high-resolution QR Code, you must never forget the quiet zone. In other words, you have to leave a blank space surrounding your code. Not only will this create a clear separation, but it will also prevent the code from getting blurred out.

Best Practices For a Successful QR Code

While you can obtain a free QR Code, it is necessary to understand what makes a successful code. Now that you are more aware of the designing behind an appealing QR Code, there are some last steps to take. For instance, you want to make sure that your QR Code works well, that the public will see it, and that people will scan it!

QR Codes

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Always Double-Check Your Link

Before you complete your QR Code, you must ensure that everything is correct. In doing so, you will prevent complications for any mobile phone scanning your QR Code. Although the design of your code cannot be changed, you can avoid mistakes with our Dynamic QR codes. With this tool, you can perform any error correction, update your links, and much more.

Quality Image Files at Eye-Level

Avoiding any problem when scanning is vital for your company’s success. To help with that, make sure that your images are clear and an appropriate size. More so, QR Codes must be placed in a visible location.

For example, you should always consider the eye-level of a person. In doing so, you will avoid placing QR Codes in locations to high or too low. Also, when QR Codes are located in hidden places, then they will lack the attention they deserve.

Take Action

While you cannot know if people will scan your QR Code, there are some calls to action that you can take. Calls To Action (CTAs) are essential for marketing campaigns. They offer that little extra push needed for people to scan your QR Code. Whether your CTAs are a simply ‘scan here’ or ‘play mp3,’ rest assured that they will bring the attention necessary.

Adding a CTA to your QR Code is hugely beneficial for both you and the customer. For you, your company will receive a visit and potential customers. As for the customer, they will learn more about your business and enjoy what you have to offer.

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