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search engine marketing Texas City, TX

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Actual SEO Media, Inc. is one of the most amazing SEO companies out there. We can provide you with high-quality search engine marketing Texas City, TX. Our services are unmatched by competing companies. No one can beat our dedication, ethics, and hard work.

Professionals like us do the best work and provide you with optimal results. We have so many years of experience and satisfied clients under our belt. It would be a mistake to let your internet marketing fall the wayside because you don’t have the right team behind you.

You will get the best results if you hire an excellent company like Actual SEO Media, Inc. to handle your marketing for you. Newcomers to the industry might have a hard or difficult time mastering the technical and time-consuming aspects of SEO.

New avenues and exposure to revenue will open to you when you participate in SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of this practice is to expose your website to as many people as possible. We do this by following SEO rules and guidelines that will lead to a higher search engine search result ranking.

It is known that most people only look at the first page of search engine search results. Because of that, it is ideal for your official business website to have a placement on that first page. The tactics reputable companies like Actual SEO Media, Inc. use are called white hat techniques.

Malicious Black Hat Tactics

Black hat tactics are SEO techniques that are banned by Google and other search engines. They violate the rules, regulations, and guidelines that have been set to prevent wrongful and unethical behavior. Tactics that fall in this category produce fast results that don’t hold up.

Organic growth is the best kind of online exposure. It is built using the kind of techniques Actual SEO Media, Inc. employs. Organic internet growth is also known for increasing over time. Be wary of SEO and internet marketing companies that make promises that are too good to be true.

Look out for black hat techniques like link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and content that has been duplicated or is badly written. If a company you are looking to engage with refuses to answer questions, hides the SEO tactics they use, or openly admits to any of these, steer clear.


Cloaking is a way to hide the content of a website from search engine algorithms. It can be completely normal practice to change the way content looks for different users. A positive example is the mobile version of a website. Some desktop versions of websites adjust poorly to mobile devices, so it is better for a mobile site to appear for phones.

The way companies without scruples utilize cloaking is by hiding badly written or spam content from a search engine algorithm. If the search engine bots don’t recognize what’s wrong with the site, it will rank higher in search results. Websites that violate this will eventually be discovered and punished by receiving a low rank.

search engine marketing Texas City, TX

Duplicated and Poorly Written Content

Search engines like Google ban the posting of duplicate content. It is considered plagiarism. Websites using black hat techniques do this all the time, but they are eventually caught. Stolen content and poorly written content are absolutely punished by Google.

Sometimes this is achieved by hiding the stolen text. The text color will be changed to match the background color in order to prevent most people from noticing it. This may fool an unsuspecting user, but the Google algorithm is good at spotting tactics like that.

Link Farms

Link farms can be comprised of a single or a collection of websites. These sites are used to build links. Backlinks can also be created here that aren’t allowed within white hat practices. All of these links will lead back to the real website its creator wants you to go to.

This is a sneaky and tricky practice that is not allowed on search engines. The websites themselves are commonly filled will stolen or poorly written content.

The content is also often created by bots. As many links as possible will be scattered throughout the text. Scam companies engage in this practice.

Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay-per-click services are an internet marketing practice that doesn’t create organic growth, but it is still valid. An example you may have seen of this practice are posts labeled “Sponsored” in Google search results. You pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your website when you have a sponsored post.

The fee may seem like a lot, but for some companies, it can be worth it. You will get a lot of exposure with the high Google ranking this kind of post affords you. If you have an appealing enough website, the people that click on your ad may make enough purchases to negate the cost.

Pay-per-click ads are a good way to advertise your products and services. Trust Actual SEO Media, Inc. to set that up for you if that is a service you’re looking for.

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search engine marketing Texas City, TX

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Fun Facts About Texas City, TX

  • A major explosion in 1947 destroyed a lot of the city.
  • According to the 2020 census, the population was 51,898.
  • The Texas City Dike is a man-made breakwater.