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SEO company Katy Texas  Actual SEO Media helps small, medium, and large businesses establish a strong Internet presence for the purpose of improving search engine ranking. More than 90% of consumers today consult online reviews before making a purchase.

Any business that has fallen behind in search engine optimization (SEO) is losing potential customers every day. There are hundreds of ways to improve website optimization.

How an SEO Company Katy Texas Improves Search Results Ranking

An investment in SEO is crucial, since most consumers don’t look past the top three results in a search. All businesses are theoretically fighting for a top spot at the same time. It takes knowledge, consistent effort, and patience for a company to hurdle over the competition and gain coveted ranking on search results page.

The following are some helpful strategies that an SEO company in Katy, Texas, might use:

  • Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Include the phone number and business address on each page of your website. This helps to improve rankings, when you use your city’s name in targeted keyword phrases. It also builds trust with site visitors.


  • Online marketing professionals in Katy may suggest to create videos for your website. Research shows that websites with videos are popular with consumers.
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  • Content is probably the most important component of a website that an SEO company in Katy, Texas, will focus on. Using keywords, to be sure search engines can categorize the website. But there is a lot more to content than keywords. Users need to find that a site provides a valuable experience, whether because it is helpful or informative, funny, or interesting. The content on a website should attract target customers.


  • Content should never be a copy over from another source. Original content is a must, to avoid being penalized by search engines. In addition to being original, it should engage readers.

Even More

  • Actual SEO Media is an SEO company in Katy, Texas, that understands the importance of improving page ranking with content. There must be a steady flow of content, for a website to register as legitimate and worthy of high ranking.


  • Oversight of a website is an important task handled by professionals at an SEO company in Katy, Texas. It’s essential that the content is fresh and updated. If outdated information is discovered by users when they land on your page, they will assume that the site is not a trustworthy source.


  • Before content is added, a professional SEO company in Katy, Texas, will do research to determine which relevant keywords are best to focus on. Keywords alone are a topic that is best left to professionals because of the complexity of all involved. For instance, it’s best to use keywords that will attract buying customers as opposed to visitors looking for nothing more than helpful information.


  • Keyword stuffing has been a temptation for online marketing companies looking to provide quick results for high fees, but it will get a website penalized and should be avoided.


  • Long-tail keywords are phrases that can achieve rapid results in the quest for top ranking in search engines. For instance, a long-tail keyword makes it easy to find Actual SEO Media, a reliable SEO company in Katy, Texas.

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About Katy, Texas:

  • Katy, Texas, is located just off of Interstate 10 and offers a small-town lifestyle that many commuters who work in the nearby metropolis of Houston take advantage of.
  • The Katy Independent School District is the public school system for Katy.
  • Katy Mills Mall on I-10 is a huge draw for many thousands in the greater Houston area.
  • The official website for Katy, Texas, is: