SEO company Webster TX

SEO Company Webster TX

SEO company Webster TX Actual SEO Media helps Internet users have good experiences on clients’ websites. Responsive web design (RWD) is one of the major considerations in search engine optimization (SEO) partly because it attracts more visitors than a website that is not user-friendly. Because most consumers use mobile devices when searching for a business, responsive web design is more important than ever.

SEO Company Webster Texas

SEO Company Webster TX

Optimizing a website for handheld devices is crucial, for any business looking to maximize the advertising potential of the Internet. Contact Actual SEO Media, an SEO company in Webster, TX, to optimize your website with responsive web design.


Tips For Responsive Web Design


At first glance, it may seem that responsive web design is really about shrinking the size of things to make sure a website is usable on mobile devices. As those at an experienced SEO company in Webster, TX, knows, fitting a website on different sized screens is just a part of RWD.


Context is huge, when working on responsive web design. If a user is on a mobile device, directions to a business are probably not needed because the mobile device already being used can provide that. Experienced professionals at Actual SEO Media, an SEO company in Webster, TX, will provide guidance on which information is best on mobile devices.

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SEO Company Webster TX

Just as acclaimed writers know how to cut out unnecessary words in the telling of a story, an experienced professional at an SEO company Webster TX makes determinations about what to remove from a website in order to enhance the user experience. Certain elements of a page may need to be removed because they are extraneous.


A great strategy for RWD is to use icons instead of text wherever appropriate. On a small screen, it’s helpful to use icons instead of words that take up extra space.


Typography is another important consideration that an SEO company in Webster, TX, will take into account when optimizing a website. The typeface must be readable. Headings should be clear and easy to identify. Text versus the background shade must have adequate contrast.


SEO Challenges


Numerous challenges go along with creating mobile-friendly websites. One issue to keep in mind is that devices have different sizes, aspect ratios, and resolutions. A savvy SEO company in Webster, TX, will test frequently to be sure a website is at least accessible from all major mobile devices.


The size of icons and links should be large enough that a person can use them without frustration. With screen space being limited, a trick that can be used is to pad the link or area so that the clickable space is larger and more user-friendly.

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SEO Company Webster TX

Content should be prioritized differently for mobile users. The layout of a page on a desktop usually doesn’t translate well on a mobile screen. To address the fact that the handheld devices have small screen space, a content solution is to provide teasers on different articles and topics so that users can click on the article they want to read. Even the teasers should possibly be differentiated, with desktop sites providing more details and mobile sites perhaps showing only the title of a post.


To get started on responsive web design, contact Actual SEO Media, an SEO company Webster TX.

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SEO Company Webster TX


About Webster, Texas:

  • Webster, Texas, is in Harris County within the Houston metropolitan area. Many residents of Webster work in Houston, frequently making the 23-mile commute to the nation’s fourth largest city.
  • Students in public school attend Clear Creek Independent School District.
  • Webster has its own police department and two fire stations.
  • The Baybrook Mall along Interstate 45 is in close proximity to Webster.
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