Seo for Law Firm Websites

Seo for Law Firm Websites

Seo for law firm websites is the way to make sure potential clients find you in an online search. Recent statistics show that 33% of consumers who click on search results go to the first web page listed on Google. In addition, 78% of people on the Internet in the U.S. research services and products online. These are just two of many statistics that prove the importance of professional seo for law firm websites.

How Important is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a major focus of online marketing. Is seo for law firm websites still important? This is a question asked by online marketers continuously, as professionals keep up with changing algorithms. SEO is alive and well, and it’s not going anywhere. The competition for top positions in search engine results is heating up, as the number of marketers investing in SEO continues to climb.

There are two components of SEO that provide the most organic pathway to website optimization. Those essential components are: Content and social media.

SEO and Content

Search engines seek to provide the best answers at the top of search results. Content is a component of seo for law firm websites that can do more to grab attention of search bots than anything else. There is a lot that needs to be done, however. The question of content being the answer for optimization is answered with numerous factors. A basic need is to keep your website from appearing stale by updating and adding content frequently. The following are more attributes of content that give a boost to SEO:

 How Content Boost Seo

  • Content should be engaging as opposed to obsolete or a regurgitation of information found on other websites.
  • Your content should include no outdated information or error pages.
  • A website with great content has a lower bounce rate than others with low quality content. Low bounce rates boost seo for law firm websites.
  • Content updates should strategically include pertinent keywords. The best keywords are the ones currently being used on a frequent basis by target customers.
  • Authority of a website is a significant gauge search bots use to determine which web pages will get top positions on results pages. Becoming authoritative in your service area requires frequent publication of original, valuable content. Whether the content answers questions, provides step-by-step instructions, showcases interesting videos, or provides value in some other way, people will come back for more.
  • When seo for law firm websites simply keeps the target audience informed of relevant information, the element of authority grows stronger.
Syndicated Content

It’s worth taking special note that syndicated content has the power to increase brand presence by almost 90% due to share value. Syndicating content involves pushing your video or blog content onto third-party sites. There is a lot of debate about syndicated content because of the element of duplication. Potential hiccups in achieving optimization is another reason professionals are needed to handle seo for law firm websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is growing in importance as a vehicle for improving SEO and getting content found. The best social media networks for boosting SEO in local markets and for small businesses, in order of relevance, are: Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The opportunities for exposure are tremendous in social media sites. Start with great content that is sharable. Then execute a content strategy that is both dynamic and relevant. It’s most effective to have content that applies entirely to targeted areas. Posting about local events is another social media strategy that can increase your brand and grow your online audience.

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